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Low code development is a way to build a website or app with some basic configuration.

What is Low-Code Development?

Those who don’t have the funds to hire experienced freelancers or want to learn to code independently. Using a service like Mendix or Powerapps can help your app be ready to launch faster than learning to build it yourself. It’s also cheaper than hiring an independent developer.


  • Easy to get started with the WYSWYG interface style.
  • The learning curve is shallow.
  • You don’t need to manage the time of anyone other than your own.
  • The use of such services is flawed.


  • Limited to data-driven apps
  • Limits on the type of features that can be added.
  • The quality of the app lacks uniqueness.

You should first consider whether a low-code service can build core features of the app you’re interested in developing. These are the key features that are meant to attract early adopters when creating your MVP.

mendix vs powerapps vs outsystems vs Wavemaker low code alternatives which one can be the best?

OutSystems is an open source low code app development tools with a few years of presence in the market. It includes simple, visual tools to make it easier for business users to build basic applications. He adds functionalities for project management, deployment and update, and automation so that developers can reinforce the solutions with their knowledge.

The Microsoft PowerApps development tool is part of select Microsoft Office 365 plans. It offers more than 230 built-in connectors for various data sources, including Microsoft Office 365 products, PowerBI data visualization, and Dynamics 365 applications. Added to this is the ability to configure custom connectors if you need to access a data source not integrated into the product.

Mendix is ​​a low code application development tool aimed at creating solutions based on the SAP cloud platform. Its most notable features are visual development, development, and operations (DevOps), multi-cloud deployment, AI-assisted development, and open integrations. Its visual approach allows users to collaborate in real-time and iterative evolution from experimentation.

Hybrid applications

Hybrid mobile app development platform, Development time: 3 months Development costs: $30,000 per application.

Best for: People looking for a more affordable option to start a business and want to build an application for their customers to use as quickly as possible. Hybrid applications are creating applications that cost the least. And it’s more cost-effective for brands that want to capture both iOS and Android users but don’t have enough budget.

Good to know: The best way to describe hybrid applications is that they are hybrid applications between native applications and web applications.

Users have to install hybrid applications the same way native applications are installed, but in reality, hybrid applications are like browser blocks integrated into a native browser. Application You can add new functions. Enter hybrid applications through a single coding language.

The process is similar to creating a simple responsive website. And the speed of hybrid applications depends on the speed of the user’s internet. Internet speeds are less affected by native applications.

The advantages of hybrid applications

  • Developing hybrid applications is usually less expensive than native applications.
  • Hybrid applications are easier to adapt to other platforms such as Windows Mobile.
  • Save money and save more time. It doesn’t require much maintenance like native applications, but the speed of the application depends on the user’s internet speed.

Disadvantages of Hybrid Applications

  • Efficiency is the disadvantage of hybrid applications is that they have to download data just like a browser. This is a function called WebView, which means that you can only view web pages.
  • The WebView is responsible for displaying the look of websites and reading JavaScript, which neither Google nor Apple has enabled. WebView’s can function like mobile browsers like Chrome or Safari so that hybrid applications won’t work. as good as native applications
  • Hybrid applications need to be tested on different platforms. To make sure it can work properly. because it has access to various functions of the machine is less
  • The user experience of a hybrid application can be worse because the elements of an application like this cannot be tailored specifically to the behavior of Apple or Android users.

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