Destiny 2: Every Content Getting Vaulted in 2022

In Destiny 2, some old events are being added to the vault and are now obsolete

With the arrival of the Witch Queen in February 2022, Destiny 2 plans to add more stuff to the vault. We’ve compiled a list of all content that will be vaulted soon and those that have been recently removed.

The Destiny Content Vault was announced in 2020 as a way of reducing the load on the game. This has been a contentious issue, but Bungie is standing by its decision. The vault will be a place where old content is stored, making it inaccessible to players. While some players are unhappy with this decision, Bungie is confident that it will improve the gaming experience for all players.

Even though you may have enjoyed some of the content in the game before it’s gone, there is bad news for those who still love these classics. Some content will no longer be available. We will share with you what content these are.

So why is this content being removed from the game? It has only one purpose: to make room for new content. With the arrival of The Witch Queen, Destiny 2 has decided to vault all content it deems unnecessary. Destiny 2 is an active game that constantly changes, so it doesn’t make sense to keep outdated content any longer.


Forsaken, one of the most loved contents of Destiny 2 at the time, was released on September 4, 2018. Players in Forsaken embarked on a meandering series of adventures. The much-loved Forsaken expansion will bid farewell to players in February 2022 with the release of The Witch Queen. Forsaken includes a lot of content. Expansions like this have kept Destiny 2 successfully up to date, so they’re invaluable to gamers. Last Wish and Dreaming City will remain available.

Forsaken is a very critical complement to Destiny 2’s lore. But players were ready to lose it for it when the Vault was announced. In some aspects, vaulting Forsaken makes little sense, but from a technological perspective, it might help keep Destiny 2’s quality high. And it should not be forgotten that Destiny is always open to producing new content.

The hugely popular Destiny 2 expansion being added to the vault

Destiny 2 Seasonal Content

Secondly, all of Season 4 content will be added permanently into the Vault. This means that any players who missed out on the Presage or Harbinger missions – where you could get weapons with immense quality – will never be able to get them again.

However, don’t worry! There are some exceptions. The beloved events will be kept in the Vanguard Operations, and the Warden of Nothing strike will be available to all players for free. So make sure you go check it out!

Bungie recently promised that they would “reprise and create new exciting Exotic, special missions within Destiny 2 for the future.” These missions were fun events that had a significant impact on the lore, but they are thought to lose their importance as The Witch Queen approaches. We’ll wait patiently and see what happens in Destiny 2.

Fans of the game are torn: they’re excited about new content coming to the game, but disappointed that classic events are being removed. Some are hopeful that the new content will make up for it.

Destiny 2 is going through a lot of changes with the release of The Witch Queen

The Tangled Shore

Another thing to add to the Vault will be the Tangled Shore. It is home to the Spider and his crime family as well as two different strikes. While the Grandmaster Nightfall of the Hollowed Lair strike’s micro screebs have been entertaining, the strike and Broodhold will be vaulted in February.

The spider will move to Master Rahool in the tower as a vendor in the future. This is a positive move for Destiny 2’s quality of life since it allows for a more centralized monetary exchange mechanism. It’s been a headache to have to load onto the Tangled Shore instead of being able to perform currency exchange in the Tower; thus, Master Rahool’s quicker access makes sense in the long term.

But remember that one of the most attended and played raids in the game, Flawless Deep Stone Crypt is still active and waiting for players to get great loot. In this raid, you get rewards like powerful gears, Triumphs, and The Cryptic Legacy Shader. The Flawless Deep Stone Crypt boost offers you professional coaching about the mechanics of the raid and unlimited assistance of the game, and also allows you to complete this challenging raid with a world-class team without any hassle.

Enjoy one last time in Destiny 2 before these events are added to the vault

What Has Been Vaulted from Destiny 2?

A lot of content has been added to the Destiny Content Vault so far, and more will be added with the release of The Witch Queen in February. You can find the complete list on the DCV homepage.

The original Destiny 2 campaign missions, known in-game as The Red War, are the most prominent additions.

When these items were placed in the vault, they were joined by the majority of their Exotic Quests, Raids, Strikes, and vendors. Any Exotic Weapons whose quests have been terminated have been placed in the Monument to Lost Lights, where players can now claim them by exchanging suitable materials.


As we told you, a few contents, such as the fan-favorite Forsaken, will be added to the Vault. The Witch Queen is the long-awaited new expansion to Destiny 2, and it looks like this expansion will bring a lot of changes to the game. Brand new missions, gears, dungeons, and stories are waiting for us.

While most players will miss old memories of the game, change is always good and leads to innovations. So let’s not be sad and count the days for the stunning and fantastic content that awaits us ahead!

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