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Instagram has undoubtedly become one of the most frequented social media platforms. Its popularity is only increasing by the day and so is its utility. Instagram is a great platform to make contacts, engage customers and develop meaningful relationships between a client and a business organization. With the help of the Instagram messenger API, the brands can use the platform to an all new level of advantage. The conversations can actually be converted into opportunities for interaction between potential customers and discovering your brand. 

What is the Instagram messenger API

While we are familiar with businesses on Instagram, it is important to know how it works. The Instagram messenger API makes it possible for the business organizations to manage a high influx of messages that come in so that none of those messages are missed out on. This helps in creating a better work environment, efficiency for the brand in conducting business as well as satisfying the customers. 

With the help of the API, the businesses can now connect with their own databases so that you can get a better understanding of a customer’s journey and what entails while understanding their journey. In fact, using automation and various other features leads to enhanced experiences for both the customers as well as the businesses. 

Go-to for large scale businesses

Instagram messenger API is perfect for brands looking for a larger visibility and have a substantial database of customers to cater to. For businesses that have offices and outlets across the country or cross-border, opening money and energy on having manual agents to solve the queries of the customers is too much of an expense. Instead the Instagram messenger API helps in being cost efficient. The conversations can be automated with the help of chatbots and the various queries of the customers can be addressed. 

For smaller businesses, the Instagram messenger API isn’t really ideal. The Facebook business inbox is more than enough to cater to the needs. 

Benefits of Instagram messenger API

There are way too many benefits when the businesses take to using the Instagram messenger API. Some of these have been enlisted below:

1- You can manage all the customer communications from one place or rather one dashboard. Instead of going from one platform to another and scrolling through the messages. Chances are that doing the latter is not only more tiresome but also increases the odds of messages getting lost. Hence, it is advisable to switch in order to ensure seamless conversations between the business and customers. 

2- It is possible for businesses to use the Instagram messenger API and integrate it with other software as well. This helps in building more personalized conversations. You can connect to the customer relationship management software to help out the customers with a seamless experience. You can connect other  tools like ticketing systems for a more meaningful interaction. 

3- You can enhance the team efficiency as well as the amount of response time. Thanks to the Instagram messenger API! The monitoring becomes hassle free and so does corroboration on tasks with other teammates. 

4- Automating the entire conversation or parts off the conversation becomes entirely possible. With the help of Instagram messenger API, you can automate conversations for a better user experience. This helps in capitalizing on the customer engagements and in the generation of sales or rather quick sales. You can automate the FAQs to save time. The more complex queries can be redirected to the human agents. 

5- The Instagram messenger API is not just limited to sending messages. The businesses can add rich media such as photos, carousels, attachments, etc. In this way, that the messages appear personalized and customized to the customers being targeted on Instagram. 

Features of Instagram messenger API

There are various features of the Instagram messenger API which include messaging. It also entails web hooks, conversation, user profile, story mention and private responses. This also includes icebreakers, generic templates, product templates as well as handover protocol. 

All of these features help in augmenting the communication with the potential customers. It enhances the engagement with the people. Many of these features can also be used to retrieve data and information about the users and the audience that has engaged. Moreover, you can use an icebreaker to start a conversation with a business where a list of FAQs pops up. Up to 4 questions can be sent with the help of incorporating this in the API. In fact, businesses can also think about sending structured messages to help and save time. You can select the template from the Facebook product catalog easily. 

Who is using Instagram messenger API

Some of the world’s leading brands are using the Instagram messenger API for fast conversions and increasing their revenues. This includes brands like Sephora, H&M, Kiehls, etc. Moreover, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are companies in every aspect that are using the messenger API for fruitful results. 

Instead of focussing their customer base to call them or drop a mail, Sephora is now actually turning tables. By employing the user of the Instagram messenger API, they have not only increased their client base but also personalize the engagement and measure the response time. Now what has the achievement been? In this case, all the customers reaching through Instagram are catered on the app itself. They are not redirected which often adds to the confusion. There has also been a 15% reduction in the average wait time for the customers across board. 

Similarly, with H&M, since they have a huge volume of messages, they needed a solution that helped them deal with such a huge influx. With the Instagram messenger API they have been able to increase their productivity. 

The satisfaction of customers has also received a major boost. The businesses can make the conversations personalized because of all of them being in the online space. In fact the after and before figures are quite contrasting. This has led to a 9.5-point improvement in the customer satisfaction levels compared to earlier. 


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