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How Do Instagram Notifications Work?

Did you know that about 1.074 billion people use Instagram? This large number is only increasing as brands and influencers are becoming the main creators of this app. Unfortunately, in the past year, Instagram notifications have changed.

These changes have made it hard for followers to stay updated on their favorite accounts. So if you want to know more about Instagram’s new notification settings, then keep reading this guide to Instagram activity and more!

What Are Instagram Notifications?

Since Instagram is an ever-changing platform, creators invented a solution to clear heavy traffic on the timeline. Notifications also help users keep track of new posts from other preferred accounts.

And there isn’t just one kind of notification on Instagram. There are about 5  different kinds of notifications. Here are the most common:

  • Live notifications
  • IGTV notifications
  • New posts or stories notifications
  • Comment notifications
  • New followers notifications
  • Following notifications
  • Direct message notifications
  • Liked posts notifications

Luckily, Instagram allows you to customize your notifications. For example, you could get notifications for IGTVs but skip out on other social media alerts! This way, you’re Instagram is based on what you prefer to stay updated on.

How to Get Notifications From Instagram

Instagram notifications should automatically be on for any activity involving you specifically. For example, if you get a new follower, direct message, if you’re mentioned in a comment, or tagged in a post. And if you would like to do so, you can also turn off these notifications!

For any other type of notification that does not mention your name, you will have to turn on the “post notification settings”.

And you might be wondering why would someone turn these on if the notification doesn’t pertain to them. However, there are a lot of instances where turning on post notifications are useful.

For example, if you’re trying to stay updated on a new release from your favorite brand. Or maybe one of your favorite content creators is doing a giveaway and you want to be the first to enter.

Overall, there are countless reasons why people turn on post notifications from other profiles. And if you want to learn how to tailor your notifications then keep reading!

How to Tailor You Post Notifications

If you always want to be updated on your favorite Instagram activity, you’ll have to enable push notifications on the specific account. So start by going to the preferred account and click on one of their posts. On the top right corner, you should see three dots, click on this, and press “Turn On Post Notifications.” 

This will notify of any posts this account does. However, if you want to tailor your notifications, go to your Settings and click on your Profile tab.

Then go to Push notification settings. Then you will be able to approve the types of notifications you want. For example, you can choose if you want to be notified on followers and following!

How to Set Up Notification Sounds

You can turn on notification sounds like you would on your phone when you receive texts or calls. To do so, go to your account, then click on the three bars on the top left. Click on the “control page” and then select the required ID.

For iOS, you’ll need to go to the Settings on your iPhone. Scroll down until you find “Notifications.” You’ll then have an option to select which apps you want the sound notifications from.

Then go back to Instagram, and ensure that “Allow Notifications” is on. You’ll then see a list of notification options, and you’ll be able to decide which notifications make a sound. 

If you have an Android, go to your settings and click “Accessibility.” Then click on “Sound Notifications”. This tab will allow you to choose what sounds should be turned on depending on the apps

How to Change Your Instagram Notification Sounds

Unfortunately, you cannot change the sounds for Instagram notifications if you have iOS. However, if you have an Android, you can change your notification sounds!

First, go to your settings, scroll down and click on the “Apps and Notifications” tab. Then go to the sub-menu named “Notifications” and find the “Advanced” tab.

Then click on “Default Notification sounds” and scroll until you find “Apps and Notifications” click on it, then choose  “Recently Opened Apps.” Click on Instagram, then go into the advanced tab again. Lastly, go to your default sound library and choose which notification sound you want for your Instagram!

Why Won’t My Instagram Notifications Turn On?

Nothing is fail-proof, especially when it comes to technology and apps. So if you tuned on your Instagram notifications and you’re still not getting notifications, then you’ll want to consider these factors below. 

Phone Update Needed 

The first step you should take when if your Instagram notifications aren’t working is to check your phone for any updates. Having outmoded software can cause issues on your phone. So ensure that you’re regularly doing checking for updates to deter any bugs. 

You should also check if the app has any updates waiting to install. Do this by going to the “Settings” page on your phone. Then click on “System.”

Once you click it, you’ll see an option for “System update.” Click on this option and once it’s done, restart your phone! Restarting your phone will ensure the processes went through.

Clear Your Cache And Storage Data

If updating your phone didn’t work, try removing the cache and storage data for your Instagram app.

The cache could be corrupted which could hinder your Instagram notifications. So start by going Settings and then click on the apps section, you should see the Instagram app, and then do hold and press for it.

You’ll then see some options pop up, and click on “App Info” then click on “Storage and Cache.”

Click on where it says clear cache and storage. Once complete, go back to Instagram and see if your notifications are working.

Make Sure Your Phone Is Not on Do Not Disturb

Many people have Do Not Disturb on their phones and they forget to realize this when they turn on post notifications. So you’ll need to turn off your “Do Not Disturb”, to get notifications.

To do so, go to your quick settings and you’ll see a DND option. Turn this option off and your Instagram notifications should turn on! If you can’t find the DND option on your quick settings, go to your main Settings, click on “Sounds” and “Do Not Disturb”, turn of the option and you should be set.

Pros of Having Instagram Notifications

There are many pros to having your post notifications turned on. For starters, you’ll always know what’s going on with your profile. So if someone tags you on a photo that you don’t like, you can quickly untag yourself. 

Or let’s say you get a direct message from someone important, you’ll see it right away, instead of having all of your messages left unattended because you forgot about them.

Having your post notifications turned on is also a great idea because you can keep up with your social media activity. And if you’re trying to build your brand, then knowing the ins and outs of posts notifications on Instagram is very important!

Cons of Having Instagram Notifications 

Having Instagram can be great– you can catch up with old friends and stay up to date with the latest news. However, here are some reasons why having your notifications on may not be the best idea!

For starters, when you have your notification on, you’re more likely to use the app. And if you’re like most people in 2021, you’re probably looking to reduce your screen time on your phone. 

Another con of having your Instagram notification turned on is that you’ll focus too much on the details of your own profile or someone else’s profile. For example, let’s say you have your favorite influencers post notifications on. 

Every time they post, you’ll run to Instagram and start dissecting their post. You might even take a screenshot, so you can further inspect the image. And then you’ll be left wondering, ‘does IG notify a screenshot?’, and that’s a whole other can of worms!

Lastly, another reason why having your posts notifications on isn’t the best idea is that they can get kind of annoying. Let say, you’re on a date and your phone keeps buzzing away. Or maybe you’re in the middle of a work meeting!

Having this kind of distraction can be annoying and rude. Overall, having your post notifications turned on has its cons. But it also has its pros. 

The Best Instagram Guide for Notifications

We hope you know all about Instagram notifications, after reading our Instagram guide! And now that you’re well informed on the topic, you can decide if you want your notifications on or off!

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