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What is a Messaging SDK?

Messaging SDK: What Is It and Why Should You Use One?

Messaging and chatting applications have intertwined our lives in an unprecedented manner. From the perspective of businesses, such platforms have presented an opportunity to make customer service seamless.

Consumers seek maximum comfort possible while availing themselves of any type of service – and having a business operator at arm’s length through chatting is a great utility to have.

Therefore, the need to incorporate messaging platforms in the consumer-service provider interface has been recognized by businesses as an essential step towards increasing the quality of consumer services and reaping its benefit in the form of profits.

Such needs can be met by using a chat SDK with specific tools to make chat platforms. Let’s understand the basics of a messaging SDK.

What Is a Messaging SDK?

A messaging SDK is a software development kit that enables developers and coders to create in-app or in-program messaging platforms according to their own needs. Creating such platforms is easy with the help of tools provided in the messaging SDK.

A messaging SDK’s tools will consist of a range of things, including libraries, documentation, code samples, processes, and guides that the developers can use and integrate into their own apps or programs. Such SDKs are designed to be used for specific platforms or programming languages.

Chat platforms made out of messaging SDKs can give many benefits depending on the features that the developer seeks to put in. The platform can be made to provide communicative freedom, emojis, message attachments, etc.

Benefits of Having a Messaging SDK

1. Less Cost-to-Benefit Ratio

A business needs to examine the cost-to-benefit ratio for any project they seem to implement. In the context of creating a messaging platform, a chat platform made by using a chat SDK costs substantially less than employing programmers to design a chat platform from scratch. However, having a messaging SDK with appropriate tools to create a chat platform would drastically reduce the needed effort to make a chatting platform. 

Acquiring a chat SDK would only involve a one-time cost that shall be much cheaper than utilizing an individual programmer or organization to make a chat platform. Messaging SDKs have efficient tools and pre-made codes to create chat platforms in the manner desired by the developer using the SDK.

Thus, having a good live chat SDK reduces the cost and effort required to create an efficient chat platform and provides a good cost-to-benefit ratio.

2. Flexibility in Providing Customized Customer Service Chat Platforms

Customer service is a key part of any business. A considerable share of business success depends on the quality of customer service that the business operator provides. Having a chat platform is an efficient way of improving customer service.

However, a pre-made chat platform made by the conventional way of employing programmers may not be able to provide the flexibility of customizing the platform at a later stage according to the needs of a diverse customer base.

Having a messaging SDK can help bypass this problem. The tools provided in an in-app chat SDK can help modify the existing chat platform or create additional features that may be incorporated in the existing chat platform. These tools help customize the chat platforms quickly without a lot of hassle and provide a great deal of flexibility to modify the chat platform according to the needs of a diverse customer base.

3. Reduction in Development Time

A chat platform has a lot of components that need to be put in a highly calibrated manner. The number of components increases as the level of customization goes up. Such hurdles increase the time consumption rate immensely while making a messaging platform from scratch.

Messaging SDKs serve to eliminate these hurdles and reduce the time required to make a chat platform. Such SDKs and the tools incorporated in them act as a template on which the chat platform can be designed, efficiently reducing the development time.


Chatting platforms are everywhere around us. The need to incorporate a chat platform in any software or service system is increasing day by day. The messaging SDKs are developed solely to make the process of developing customized chat platforms in a fast, flexible, and cost-efficient manner.

Thus, investing in a good chat SDK is a cost and time-efficient solution towards creating your own chat platform according to your business needs.

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