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NetbaseQuid: An Overview of Social Media Analytics

Though social media analysis is mostly misunderstood, it is a vital aspect of any successful brand. Whereas it provides a platform for companies to associate with clients, it is crucial to highlight that social media is more than just about businesses. People use social media apps to share and connect with family and friends.

It implies that aside from business marketing on social media, brands need to perform an analysis of the target audience and marketing plans. By doing so, entrepreneurs can access crucial insights that could maximize marketing plans. Below is a guide on social media analytics from the intelligence platform NetBase Quid.

Defining Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics involves data gathering from multiple social sites. The process also involves an analysis of the information to improve the decision-making process in a company. Comprehensive social media analysis allows you to know more about customer expectations and trends on social media. You could also learn the perceptions of your audience on-brand messaging. More importantly, it is possible for entrepreneurs to determine the generated return on investment

Through social media analysis, you can know the kind of strategies that can generate successful results. Business owners also get a peek at their content performance in contrast to competitors. You can tell the sustainability of your marketing efforts through measuring and examining marketing strategies. With this in mind, enterprises that market their offerings on social media without assessing their efforts may fail to achieve KPIs and, ultimately, the desired goals.

Understanding the Impact of Social Media Analytics

The first step towards getting an effective social analysis is to set goals for the long term. Common goals for a business could include boosting revenue, improving brand image, getting consumer feedback, and lowering customer support costs. After identifying these objects, it is best to determine the KPIs (key performance indicators). You need to monitor your business metrics acquired from social media analytics like consumer engagement.

By analyzing the size of your audience on Facebook and tracking the liked and shared posts, you can determine the engagement of your customers. You could attain this goal by knowing the followers on your Twitter account. It would help if you checked the number of retweets and mentions of your brand. On the upside, there are numerous social media analytic tools that can assess unstructured data from social media apps like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Merits of Social Media Analytics

Businesses can increase their marketing influence and ROI by measuring their performance across social websites. They can also compare their performance against rival brands and the general industry. In the same way, social media intelligence facilitates the decision-making processes for your business. With strategic data, you can easily know the events of the market. In the same vein, benchmarking from competitors offers useful insights on how to better your marketing plan.

It enables businesses to offer real-time responses to posts while keeping up with recent trends. Social media analysis also monitors the efficiency of your marketing team. Enhanced work processes play a crucial role in handling and monitoring the marketing crews. It guides the team and ensures they focus their attention on crucial matters. When faced with complex parts, it is best to work with experienced entities like NetBase Quid.


NetBase Quid is the top social media analysis firm known for its excellent analysis of market trends. It enables clients to check out the progress of competing brands. The platform offers crisis management solutions that depend on sophisticated tools. With the help of NetBase Quid, you can analyze the collected data and drive your brand in the right direction.

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