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Integrated Marketing Services Bring These Benefits For Your Brand

roach to deliver a unified marketing message in every channel used by your brand. That means using integrated marketing services is to provide a consistent and seamless experience for the target audience. Hence, you can give a satisfying experience at every touchpoint that comes in contact with potential customers.

So, what will happen if you do not use integrated marketing services? You put your brand at risk of sending a mixed message in your marketing effort. Your brand may look disorganised, fragmented, or disconnected when they interact at customer touchpoints.

Therefore, let’s find out how integrated marketing services can help your brand now.

Develop brand awareness

An integrated marketing strategy brings unified, consistent, and seamless experiences.

Taken from an integrated marketing agency, delivering a unified and consistent experience can start from brand guidelines. Brand guidelines should consist of your brand voice, tone, as well as identity. The guidelines will then serve as the principle for your marketing communications and visuals.

When you have a unified and consistent brand message and identity, you can deliver a pleasant experience in customer touchpoints. Over time, your brand awareness will develop further and become greater after a while.

To illustrate, you can use qr code generator to create a trackable QR code for your offline marketing materials. That trackable QR code can record how many people scan for each code, which receives the most scan, or which location gets the most scan.

Provide customer touchpoints in many channels

Integrated marketing services are an omnichannel approach. That means your brand will try to acquire sales by giving a seamless experience for potential customers, whether in real life or a digital landscape.

In simple terms, your brand must market your goods or services in offline or online channels. That allows you to meet your audience in more than one way. Successfully creating a pleasant experience in all those touchpoints means a greater chance to acquire new customers.

Customers can discover you in popular marketing channels

The recommended practice of integrated marketing is to spread the word about your brand on both online and offline channels. That means your brand can be discovered in many marketing channels after you set up all marketing materials your brands needed for those channels.

For example, potential customers can discover your brand through offline channels at:

  • Brick and mortar store
  • Printed advertisement in a train station
  • In a lift through lift advertising
  • Magazine through media buying

What about the online channel? A brand that utilises integrated marketing services should consider using popular channels in integrated marketing, such as:

  • Website or blog that passed through usability testing Singapore
  • Search engine marketing
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Email marketing
  • Loyalty program marketing
  • Social media

Broad reach

You cannot rely on your owned media alone in integrated marketing. You must use media outside of your own control too, such as paid media or any other advertising forms.

For example, you have to spread the word about your brand through traditional advertising. Then, you also need to collaborate with content creators or influencers so your brand can also reach their audience. Lastly, using social media advertising is also a good idea to amplify your brand further.

As a result, integrated marketing allows you to reach broader audiences.

Obtain insights about your brand

Integrated marketing is the combination of digital and offline marketing.

What does that mean? That means you can obtain valuable and actionable insights for your marketing performance. Use those to evaluate your brand and its marketing effort. Hence, you can come up with a better campaign for your brand.

To illustrate, you can use a trackable QR code for your offline marketing materials. That trackable QR code can record how many people scan for each code, which receives the most scan, or which location gets the most scan.

Elevate your customer experience

We have already mentioned that the basis of integrated marketing is a seamless and consistent experience in customer touchpoints. That is why you also need to incorporate integrated marketing for your customer experience. For instance, let people easily reach or interact with your brand through channels like Telegram, WhatsApp, chatbots, or engage with your customers on social media.

By doing so, you can take your customer experience to the next level.

Ultimately, utilising integrated marketing services help to bring consistent and seamless experience in customer touchpoints.

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