Grow Your On Demand Home Services Business With The TaskRabbit Clone App

The on-demand service app bridges the gap between people who require assistance with household chores and service providers. The on-demand home service industry has created various possibilities that benefit entrepreneurs, service providers, and customers.

There are many home cleaning services in the market. TaskRabbit is one such promising app that assists customers in finding experienced providers for the services such as plumbing, carpentry, gardening, deep cleaning, and much more. If you are someone looking to create an on-demand services app like TaskRabbit, this blog will give a clear picture of the app development process.

Overview of TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is an innovative platform that brings neighbors closer by offering them a helping hand. This app was launched in 2008 and it operates around 47 United States cities, 4 United Kingdom cities, 1 Canadian city as of October 2018. Its total funding was $1.8 million.

The two segments of TaskRabbit users are TaskPosters and TaskDoers. TaskPosters are those people who post their job on this app by linking them to skilled service providers. TaskDoers are those people who are unemployed but can earn money by signing up for the app. To become a tasker, the person’s background will be viewed, followed by quizzes and an interview. This platform holds more than 140,000 taskers.

On average, Taskers in the United States earn $35 per hour, in the United Kingdom earn $23 per hour, and in Canada earn $32 per hour.

Major cities where TaskRabbit serves: Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, London, Los Angeles & Orange Country, Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington DC.

How does a TaskRabbit like app generate revenue?

There are numerous ways to make revenue from an on-demand home service app. When it comes to TaskRabbit, it supports two forms of income generation.

Charge processing fee

It involves collecting a small percentage of the amount from the service providers once they receive money from the customers.

Peak pricing

This revenue model is inspired by Uber. Whenever the demand for the services surges, you can increase the price. Usually, the services will be in demand, mostly during festive seasons.

Additionally, you can prefer other popular revenue-generating strategies such as in-app advertisements and affiliate marketing to boost your revenue.

Quick steps to develop an on-demand home service app like TaskRabbit

Frame a business plan

To make your app successful, you should be clear about understanding your target users, competitors’ strengths, and market analysis. Also, it would be best if you had answers to the following questions.

  • How are you going to promote your app?
  • What issue can your app solve?
  • How would you make your app appeal to the users?

Choose the app platform

You have to choose which platform you are going to develop and launch the TaskRabbit like app. Also, plan your budget accordingly.

Select the features for your app

Never miss out on the essential features of the on-demand home service app. Come up with new features that appeal to the users and attract them to use your app.

Decide on monetization strategies

Before you proceed further, you have to choose which monetization strategies you are going to follow for generating revenue.

Approach a mobile app development company

There are two standard ways in which an on-demand home service app can be developed. One way is developing from scratch and the other way is developing using the TaskRabbit clone script. It is a ready-made app solution. This facilitates you to launch your TaskRabbit clone app instantly.

As there are numerous advantages of the clone app solution, most startups and entrepreneurs prefer it for app development. This is a customizable solution and so can be modified depending on the individual business requirements.

Cost to develop a handyman app like TaskRabbit

The cost estimation of developing a handyman app like TaskRabbit depends on numerous factors. The noticeable ones are app platform and app features, as these play a vital role in impacting the cost structure to a greater extent. Other factors include third-party service integration, app developers/company location, UI/UX design, time frame, technology stack, and app complexity. The hourly charge for developing a TaskRabbit like app in popular countries are listed below.

  • Australia – $100 – $150 per hour
  • North America – $110 – $170 per hour
  • Western Europe – $60 – $150 per hour
  • Eastern Europe – $100 – $150 per hour
  • India – $20 – $40 per hour

Basic features to consider while developing the TaskRabbit Clone app

  • Booking section

This feature plays a vital role in the on-demand home services app as it is important for both the customers and service providers. Customers can book a service and schedule it as per their convenient time. Also, they can reschedule the service due to any unexpected issue.

For service providers, they can see all the orders that they have received and details about the same. Besides this, they have the option to accept or decline the booking offers they received.

  • Booking history

This feature will allow the service providers to view all the booking orders in a single place. For the customers, this feature has many uses as they can account for the expenditure. Moreover, this allows them to contact the service providers. Details in the booking history section include the time and date of bookings, name and contact information of the service providers.

  • Help us/contact us section

This is an essential feature of the on-demand service app in which the users can get their queries resolved. Also, make sure this section is easy to locate in the app.

  • In-app messaging

In-app messaging is an essential feature as the customers can connect to the service providers with ease. It is much more convenient for them compared to the in-app call. Ensure to offer encryption as it adds to the overall quality of the app.

  • Invoice generation

Generating an invoice for the service the customers have availed of is necessary. Moreover, you can send an automatically generated invoice to their registered email ID. Also, you can send the invoice details to their contact number. It would be better to provide options that customers will have better interaction as it paves the way for the popularity of the app.

  • Multiple payment options

Every customer has different requirements. Therefore, providing multiple payment options will be helpful as they can choose their convenient payment modes for making a payment. Digital payment options include e-wallet, credit card, and debit card. Users can even opt for cash payment.

  • Push notifications

Sending push notifications helps to improve app engagement. You can send alert messages to the customers regarding booking status.

  • Reviews and ratings

Collecting customers’ feedback will have a greater impact on your business. If the reviews and ratings are positive, this has a positive impact on the app.

Wrap up

The competition in the on-demand service industry is growing as people are looking for home cleaning service apps for availing of the services. Well, this steady increase in the competition paves the way for entrepreneurs to bring new innovative ideas. As we advanced with technology, additional services like food, grocery, laundry, and surveillance can be included in a single app. It is high time to dive into the profitable on-demand services segment with a TaskRabbit Clone app.

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