Get Ready for Hunting Season: The Ultimate Guide to PCP Air Rifles

According to one study, 32% of people in American own guns.

If you love shooting but don’t think you’re ready for a gun yet, you could always invest in PCP air rifles.

But what are they, and what kinds can you buy? Thankfully we have the perfect guide to fill you in on all the details, so make sure you keep reading.

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What Is a PCP Air Rifle

PCP air rifles are the latest in air rifle technology. They store and compress air in a cylinder and release a little bit of it to help propel a bullet or pellet out of the chamber.

These air rifles are normally charged by using a stirrup pump to get the maximum pressure. Each brand will have its own maximum pressure that you can charge up to.

Normally, these guns come with pressure gauges to let you know how much air is left in the bottle. Because of this meter, you’ll be able to tell how much air is in the gun, which will help you aim more accurately.

These guns are great if you’re going to use them for target shooting, garden plinking, or even hunting.

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Some of the benefits of these types of air rifles include that it’s more accurate than other air guns. They’re also easier to shoot if you compare them to something like a spring air rifle.

With a PCP air rifle, all you have to do is point and shoot the gun. You also won’t have to deal with a lot of recoil, and it’s very quiet, especially if you fit it with a silencer. You can use a magazine for these guns as well.

You should make sure that you check the laws surrounding these guns for your area. Since they’re very high power, there might be more regulations on this gun than other types of air rifles.


However, these guns do pose issues that you could run into. For example, you need to fill it with compressed air again after every hundred shots or so.

They’re also more expensive than other air guns because of how much power they have. They can range anywhere between a couple of hundred dollars to over $1,000. If you’re going to be buying accessories or equipment, this price tag will go even higher.

Keep in mind that you’ll also have to buy an air tank and equipment for filling air back in your gun. However, this is normally just a one-time purchase.

You’ll also have to have access to an air-filling station.

Traveling with PCP air guns can also be difficult. Some TSA agents might ask to look inside the air reservoir, but this isn’t possible, which might mean you can’t bring it on the plane.

However, if you don’t mind getting over these few obstacles, this still might be the gun for you.

How Does it Work

Pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) means that you put the compressed air in the gun before you shoot it.  It’s an air gun that has a hollow tube where the pressurized air sits.

The air is normally compressed to around 3,000 psi, but you can sometimes go above or below that. This air will slowly leak out, so you will have to refill that air reservoir periodically. You can do that by using a hand pump, carbon fiber tank, or scuba tank.

Once you fill the gun, you can shoot it quickly. Once you pull the trigger, the firing valve will open. Once this happens, you can release compressed air inside of the barrel of the gun.

The compressed air will need to escape, but it won’t have anywhere to go except for behind the pellet, which forces it out of the gun at a high speed.

Different Calibers

A PCP gun has a higher caliber than a C02 air gun does because the PCP can put more air pressure behind the pellet.

With a PCP air rifle, you can shoot between a .22 and a .177 caliber pellet. You should buy the right caliber gun for what your needs are.

Some of the most popular calibers are .22 and .177. If you’re going to be shooting and hunting small game, you should find something that’s around a .22 caliber. If you’re going to be hunting large game, you might want a .177.

Many hunters prefer to use the .177 because they fly out at a higher velocity, are easier to aim, and can penetrate easily.  The .22 caliber isn’t as accurate as the .177.


When you choose a PCP air rifle, you’ll have all kinds of different accessories to choose from. The most important accessories you should buy are pellets and BBs.

Pellets normally don’t ricochet as much as BBs do, which makes them safer to use. They’re also more accurate and move faster and with more force than BBs do.

Make sure that you choose pellets that will fit your specific type of gun.

Learn More About the Best PCP Air Rifles

These are only a few things to keep in mind when shopping for PCP air rifles, but there are many more things to consider.

We know that buying a gun can be stressful, but we’re here to help guide you through the process.

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