How to use QR codes for smooth-sailing boat tours

Owning a boat tour service requires you to consider how you will expand your clientele. You need to figure out how to reach more potential clients without too much effort.

You can consider using QR code technology to do that. QR codes can provide fast data access via a smartphone, which is why they’re very suitable in today’s modern time.

You can start creating QR codes with the best QR code generator online and give your customers a more efficient and safer boat tour experience.

How can you use QR codes to streamline your boat tour campaigns and services? Below are a few examples.

Best QR code solutions for boat cruising

  1. Easy-to-follow location guide

Giving directions is sometimes a difficult task. People can still get confused no matter how clear your instructions are, and they’d get lost.

You can add the Google Maps location of your site to a QR code. Your consumers can then find where your boat is docked by scanning it with their smartphone.

People will have no trouble finding you with a Google Maps QR code. They can just follow their smartphone’s map app.

  1. Video QR code for Boat tour campaign

Engage your audience with your boat tour videos using a QR code travel to give them a tease of what they will experience when they go on the tour.

Your target audience can quickly and easily access a video by scanning the QR code with their smartphones.

With this method, you can provide potential customers with something to look forward to, and their excitement will lead them to avail.

  1. QR codes on your boating website

If you own a landing page detailing your boat tours, you can create a URL QR code to advertise it to potential customers.

You can use the QR code to give clients an overview of your boat tour services, rates and promos, and guidelines when aboard the boat.

You can also use a Google Form QR code that links to a contactless online registration or a customer feedback form.

After scanning smartphones, clients will immediately access the form they need to fill out.

  1. Get more followers

You can make a social media QR code so that people can easily follow you across your social media platforms.

The dynamic QR code can store all your social media handles and display them on one landing page.

Your followers can quickly tap each link, follow your page, or subscribe to your channel to stay updated with your latest posts.

Start using QR codes now and enhance your boat rental campaign

Companies offering boat tour services will surely benefit from using QR codes.

Engaging with existing and potential clients is more accessible through these digital tools since all it takes to access them is one quick scan with a smartphone.

Create an unforgettable experience for your clients using the most advanced QR Code software for quality, functional QR codes.

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