4 Important Questions to Ask When Sourcing a Bail Bond Agency

If you’re like many Americans, the chances are that you don’t exactly have a bail bond agency on speed dial. So what can you do to get through this step of the legal process? How can you make sure that the bail bond agency you’re on the phone with is legit?

Keep reading to learn about the four questions that you should ask your potential bail agent when you’re looking for answers in a hurry.

1. How Long Will It Take?

In marketing, guarantees are all the rage. At QuickSprout, for instance, adding a money-back guarantee to an offer was enough to increase conversions by 6.4 percent.

“We’ll get you out in 24 hours or less!” might sound like a compelling offer. But because bail hearings often depend on details like judicial availability and the preparation of the lawyers, the process of leaving jail can be complicated.

A solid company should tell you what the local processing times are in your local jails. If they can give you a reasonable estimate, the chances are that you’re dealing with a solid bail bonds agent.

2. How Much Will I Have to Pay?

It’s important to remember that bail bond companies aren’t giving you money for free. They’re offering you a loan. As a result, you may be asked to pay a percentage of the bond amount or a small fee.

During this trying time, the last thing you need is to get hit with a bill you weren’t expecting. Asking this question can save you a lot of grief later on.

3. How Do I Learn More About a Bail Bonds Agent?

When it comes to prison and getting out on bail, the stakes are incredibly high. Your loved one isn’t just losing $10 or an hour of their time. Their very freedom is on the line.

In other words, this isn’t the time to depend on amateurs. And with people who can’t post bail often spending 5 to 200 days in prison before their legal matters resolve, it’s in your best interests to make sure that the bond dealer you’re looking at has a solid reputation.

A Better Business Bureau membership or a Yelp listing can get you customer reviews and a sense of the company’s reputation all at once.

4. What Happens After I Post Bail?

The bail process often doesn’t stop once your loved one is out of jail. It’s not unusual for judges to attach conditions to bail or for bail to be revoked because of pre-trial shenanigans.

A solid and experienced bail bond agent will be able to give you an overview of the legal process. In addition, companies like the one you can find at https://kissimmee.bail2go.com/ offer things like 24/7 service and court notifications to make things a little easier on their clients.

Found the Right Bail Bond Agency?

When you’re trying to choose a bail bond agency, you’re often evaluating tons of factors on a tight deadline. If you ask the questions we’ve just provided, finding a solid and reliable bail bondsman becomes a lot easier.

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