Viva La Spain: Is Marbella Good for Living?

Did you know that foreigners make up 12% of Spain’s entire population?

With so many expats calling Spain their new home, you might be wondering if you should relocate as well. One of the most popular destinations is Marbella.

What’s so great about Marbella, Spain exactly? Keep reading to learn 5 compelling reasons why you should pack your bags and set down roots in Marbella.

1. Foreigners Will Feel Welcomed and Comfortable

Since so many English speakers are drawn to Marbella, you won’t have any trouble fitting in there. While it can be a fun challenge to learn Spanish, anyone can get along just fine only using English. Not only will you be able to settle in with ease, but you can also make tons of new friends by joining social events for expats.

2. Marbella Weather Is Gorgeous

Marbella is right on the sea, so you can enjoy a refreshing breeze and healing sunshine almost the entire year. The winters there are mild, so you won’t have to bundle up and stop doing outdoor activities. If you happen to love white winters, then you’ll be delighted to learn that you can still take day trips to snowy mountains nearby whenever you want.

3. There Are Plenty of Things to Do

Whether you want to enjoy the finer things in life at a Marbella country club, let loose in a vibrant nightclub, explore museums, or go shopping, there’s always something fun to do in Marbella. It’s reassuring to know that Marbella caters to every unique taste because its economy depends on keeping visitors entertained.

Whenever you need a break from the hustle and bustle, you can plop down in the sand and soak up some rays at the beach.

4. You’ll Fall in Love With Marbella’s Restaurants

Spanish cuisine is divine, which means you’ll have a blast going on a culinary food tour. Marbella has some of the finest restaurants in the entire country, so you’ll be in for a real treat. From charming cafes to Michelin star restaurants and eclectic pubs, you’ll have a hard time pacing yourself.

5. The Housing Options Are Phenomenal

Since this city is such a hotspot, real estate will always be a profitable investment. Even if you’re not interested in buying a house, there are tons of great Marbella apartments to choose from on sites like https://choosemarbella.com/marbella-apartments-for-sale/. You’ll be able to feel like royalty with a reasonable budget.

There’s so Much to Appreciate About Marbella

Now that you know the top perks of living in Marbella, you can have a better idea if this is the perfect place to set down your roots. If you’re still unsure, you should try staying in a Marbella hotel to get a taste of the Spanish lifestyle.

Did you enjoy this article on the benefits you can reap from moving to Marbella? If you want to know other ways you can be as happy and healthy as possible, check out the rest of our blog to discover more insightful guides.

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