Everything You Should Know About Local Junk Removal

Moving large heavy junk items or rooms full of junk that has been collecting over the years can feel like a daunting task. Professional services can be contacted to come in and clear out the items, then haul them away.

Are you sick of looking at the junk in your basement or backyard? A local junk removal service may be just what you are looking for to remove garbage or other items from your home or office.

How Does Junk Removal Work?

Are you ready to see all of that stuff gone? First, call us and discuss the details of the job and we will schedule a time to come out with a truck, gear, and a crew.

You can be there to supervise and help or you can just point us in the direction of the junk and we will handle the rest. No need for you to get your hands dirty, we will do all the heavy lifting for you!

You may have it all boxed up and waiting for us to take, or we can go in and get it. We will clear out an entire home or shed, whatever you want.

What Do Junk Removers Take?

Our motto is that we take everything except for hazardous waste. The most common household junk removal consists of things like garbage, junk electronics, old furniture, and bed mattresses- no pile is too big or too small.

Commercial Junk Removal

In addition to homes and private property affordable junk removal, we also handle commercial properties. Call us if you have an office or warehouse that you need the junk removed from.

Whether it is bags of garbage or tons of remodeling materials that need clearing out, we got it covered.

Rental Property Clear Outs

Do you have rental properties that you need to flip for the next tenant, but that are full of junk left behind by the previous tenants? They should have taken everything with them, but now it is up to you to get the property ready for the next renter.

Don’t sweat it, give us a call to come and handle the rental property clearouts for you.

How Much is Junk Removal?

Well, we can’t speak for the “other” guys in town, but our junk removal cost brackets are very reasonable and broken down into simple-to-understand terms. We would be more than happy to give you an estimate, but neither of us will know the exact total until all the junk is loaded up in the trucks.

Prices are here (per pickup truck load):

  • 1- $120-$150
  • 2- $220-$250
  • 3- $350-$380
  • 4.5- $420-$450
  • 6- $500-$550

Just keep in mind that the size of certain items can be deceiving and may take up more space than originally estimated.

Always Choose An Insured Junk Hauler

Even though you are only clearing out junk, you should always go with a junk hauling service like Stress Free Junk Hauling that is fully insured to protect yourself and your property in case anything might happen during the removal process.

The last thing you want is to have some issue when all you want to do is to have junk cleared from your property.

Click, Call, or Text Us For Local Junk Removal

What are you waiting for? Don’t let that junk bother you another day!

Now you know how easy the process is and how relieved you can feel when it is all done and dusted, check out our other helpful articles with your extra time!

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