Best time of the year for getting engaged in London, UK

Best time of the year for getting engaged in London, UK

Well begun is half done is a very old saying. It stands true even in case of timing engagements and weddings. Despite the popular concept of summer weddings and engagements, many people agree that winters are actually the best time for it. In 2020, amidst the global pandemic chaos, more than 120,000 people registered to get married in December-January. And this has been the case year after year, making December the most popular month for engagements. Here’s why:

December means Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. It is the month of festivals and holidays. The atmosphere is cheerful and lively. While your engagement is already going to have you in a good mood, because of the festive season it will seem like the whole town is enjoying with you. Also, as the month is filled with holidays, you will have a lot of days off from work to plan and prepare for the celebration. So that’s another plus.

  • Family is around

Festive season means having family around from various parts of the city or country. Since they will be with you anyway, it is one more reason to get engaged in December. It saves your loved ones one more trip in the year. People often have different schedules and their lives are on different tangents, but the one time everyone comes together is in December, for the holidays. So what better time that this to get engaged?Download pirated movies from south freak

  • Shopping season and discounts

Apart from holidays, another thing that the year end is known for is the shopping season. We see big brands putting up end of season sales and bags full of discounts are all over place. There are offers even at wedding jewelers hatton garden, which is the hub of jewellery shopping in London. You can shop for your entire event in December and save a lot of money that you otherwise wouldn’t have at any other time of the year. Jewellery stores also have exhibitions coming up during this time and there is fresh stock introduced, so you can get yourself the latest design of an engagement ring or other jewellery for your big day.

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  • Lovely weather

The weather is simply lovely in December-January. Fall is just round the corner and it is chilly but not the burning-skin kind of chilly. The atmosphere leaves one feeling fresh and pleasant and energetic enough to prepare for one’s big day. Plus there isn’t much risk of an untimely shower so you can plan an open air wedding as well.

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A small function can actually be done at any time of the year without much thought, but if you want your engagement day to be really special and grand, then a little planning is the right way to go about it. Check out the latest designs in the engagement rings in Hatton garden in big brand stores for wedding jewellery. There are many advantages of getting engaged around the year end or just in the beginning of the New Year. Many people look at it as a fresh start to their life just as it is a fresh start to a New Year and so plan to get engaged sometime in January.

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