5 Things to Know About Magpul Stocks

If you are an AR15 enthusiast, then you could likely spend all of your time making upgrades, modifications, and customizations to your favorite rifle. You might even have multiple models with different configurations.

And if you love to tinker, you might even build your own from scratch; an accomplishment in and of itself.

Whatever level of AR15 owner you consider yourself to be, you’ll likely want to swap out the stock of your gun. Stocks are a bulky part that plays a big role in how you hold the firearm. Magpul stocks are one of the most popular and should be high on your list of considerations.

But if you are comparing the best stocks for your specific rifle, there’s a lot to consider. Keep reading to figure out if Magpul stocks are right for you.

What are AR15 Stocks?

First off, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what rifle stocks are. No, this doesn’t refer to the stock exchange. We aren’t talking about investment services and stock marketing.

The stock of a gun has many interchangeable names. It’s often referred to as the gunstock, shoulder stock, buttstock, or the butt of your rifle. When holding your rifle, ready to fire, the stock is the portion of the gun resting up against your body.

It’s the rear-most component of your gun, the section to the rear of the trigger and action. It serves the function of giving your rifle stability and balance when holding it up to shoot. And resting it against your body helps to absorb the blow caused by recoil.

Different stocks generally serve the same purpose, but come in many different designs, with unique shapes, textures, and cheek pads. What are cheek pads?

This is a portion of the stock that you rest your cheek against when looking down the scope or sights of your gun. It’s a protrusion of the stock, providing a comfortable, contoured area to rest your cheek against.

The style of stock you choose will have a significant impact on the aesthetics of your rifle, while also impacting your performance and comfort level when using the gun. That’s why choosing a stock is a big consideration, and shouldn’t be rushed.

What are Magpul Stocks?

So why does the term Magpul come up when researching AR15 stock options? Magpul is a tactical brand that produces aftermarket gun accessories and components that offer tons of customization and increased performance.

If you are into AR15 customization, you know about Magpul. Here’s why you should invest in a Magpul stock for your rifle.

1. Color Options

There are many great things to say when it comes to Magpul stocks. One of the reasons they are so popular is because most of their stock options come in a variety of colors.

This lets you create the rifle that you want. Sure, you can stick with a tactical black on any stock model. But many of their models also come in gray, tan, and military green.

So if you want a rifle that blends in well to the forest in your backyard, or to the desserts of the southwest, you can easily do that with Magpul components.

2. Maximum Comfort

Magpul stocks are intentionally designed to maximize comfort when holding and firing your rifle. This comes in two main areas; the cheek pad and the butt pad.

The cheek pad, or cheek piece, as mentioned earlier, is the protrusion where shooters will rest their cheek while looking down their scope. Having a noticeable cheek pad will help you rest your head in the same spot each time you use your rifle.

This consistency leads to accuracy. Otherwise, if your head is always in a different position, you’ll end up with poor accuracy.

Along with that, you’ll get a rubberized butt pad. This is the area that comes in contact with your body. The rubber pad will soften the blow as you fire, absorbing the recoil so you don’t get bruised with each shot.

These are especially important during competitions, or whenever needed to fire quickly. As you shoulder your rifle, you might not rest it in the perfect spot each time. If you rest the stock on your shoulder bone, for example, it could hurt unless you have a rubber pad in place.

Plus, all of their stock options provide conveniently located sling mounts, so you can easily add your favorite type of rifle sling. These are critical when carrying your gun more than a few hundred yards. Doing so without a sling will quickly wear your arms out, possibly causing strain to your forearms and wrists.

Then, when you are ready to shoot, you won’t be able to do so comfortably. So if you need a sling, go with a Magpul.

3. Storage Compartment

One of the unique features available on some Magpul stock models is the storage compartment. Although small, these compartments utilize otherwise wasted space on your rifle.

These allow you to store small items, such as extra batteries, small components, gun lube, cleaning patches, or even a few spare rounds. You never knew you needed a storage compartment on your stock until you’ve experienced a rifle that had one.

4. Collapsible Options

Magpul also offers collapsible stock options. These offer many different stock positions, some models up to eight. You can adjust the position to your preference, or depending on the circumstances at hand. Then, when done shooting, you can fully collapse the stock when not needed.

This option saves a bunch of weight, as these are often lighter than standard stock options. And they save space while carrying or storing the gun.

5. Adjustable Latches are Protected

Since many of the stock options offered by Magpul are adjustable, that means you can change the configuration and position of your stock. However, you don’t want this to happen accidentally while you are operating the gun.

To prevent unwanted movement, stocks come with a release latch. To make an adjustment, you move the latch, then lock it into place.

However, if these latches aren’t covered or protected, it’s easy to accidentally move the latch, which can cause the stock to move at inopportune moments. This is often the case with lower-quality stocks.

But with Magpul, all of the latches are shielded, making this frustrating problem a thing of the past. No accidental sock adjustments while carrying or firing your gun.

Choosing the Right Stock for Your AR15

Magpul stocks sound great. But are they right for you? How do you choose a stock for your AR15?

For one, consider the weight. Some stocks are much heavier than others. You may find that heavier stock offers increased stability and recoil absorption. This is especially true for those primarily shooting from a bench rest at a shooting range.

However, those who carry their rifles over longer distances, such as target shooting outside, will quickly discover that lighter is better. A heavier gun will wear out your arms and shoulders much faster, making it more of a burden than it’s worth.

Lighter stocks can weigh as little as five ounces, while standard models weigh in around 10 ounces or more.

Also, consider your budget. Many cheaper stocks are available for those looking to spend less than $50. However, when it comes to rifles, you’re going to get what you pay for.

While there are a few lower-priced Magpul stock options, most of the really popular models start at $80 and can cost as much as $200 for collapsible and adjustable models.

And, of course, consider your color options. What is your goal for the final appearance of your rifle? Many brands only offer their components in black, limiting your options. Some, such as Magpul, give you a few additional color options.

Looking for something more unique? You may be able to find camo-colored stocks, as well as other camo-colored components for a truly tactical rifle.

Still Can’t Decide? Try This Stock

So what if you still can’t decide on which AR15 stock to choose? Here are the top options.

If budget is your primary consideration, go with the Magpul MOE. Coming in under $40, these stocks are simple and lightweight, weighing a mere 8 ounces.

These offer military specifications and are great for most beginner AR15 users.

If budget isn’t a concern, and you want an adjustable and collapsible stock, consider the Magpul UBR Gen2 Collapsible Stock, which comes with a storage compartment and eight configurations. It’s a bit heavier, at 21 ounces, but the added functionality and storage options make this a very popular stock.

Is Magpul Right for You?

Are Magpul stocks right for you? If you value the highest quality and most thoughtful designs on your rifle that boost performance and improve aesthetics, then yes, Magpul stocks are right for you.

They are great for the tactical shooter that wants every component to be perfect. While they aren’t the cheapest, they are possibly the best possible option.

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