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Your Guide on Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

Every woman loves diamonds; if they are bigger, they are even better. That’sThat’s why it is believed that diamonds are women’s best friends and nothing can impress a woman like a dazzling diamond ring. Besides this, a diamond is considered the ultimate symbol of true love, so it is also said that a diamond engagement ring can truly witness the pristine love, devotion and promise of marriage and eternal happiness. So if you are a guy deeply engaged in love and are thinking of getting married to your beloved, relish the joy of love by gifting her a sparkling diamond engagement ring. 

You can find a beautiful collection of engagement rings in Australia. After all, Australia has been ranked fourth in global diamond production, with an annual output of roughly 14.2 million carats. There are three major mines in Australia: Merlin, Ellendale and Argyle, which supply millions of carats worth of gems to the global market and produce some of the rarest and most exquisite stones ever found in the world. However, you must still be very careful while shopping for a diamond ring in Australia. Here are crucial tips to help you make the right choice; continue reading!

Consider the 4Cs

The very first thing you need to do before considering buying a diamond ring is to acquaint yourself with the language of diamonds. A diamond can be defined by 4C’s4C’s: carat, cut, colour and clarity. 

  • Carat is the weight or the size of the diamond. Remember, a diamond has no “ideal” carat weight; it all depends on your pocket. The bigger carat you choose, the more expensive the ring would be, so keep your budget in mind when deciding the carat for your diamond ring.
  • The cut of the diamond determines the quality of the diamond. It is the most crucial factor in determining the beauty and elegance of your diamond. Therefore, it is always advisable to look for GIS and AGS certifications while evaluating the quality of the diamond cut. 
  • Colour: The colour-grading scale of diamonds begins with the letter D and goes to the letter Z. However, the highest colour grade of diamond is “D”, which means colourless; it is the rarest and not commonly found in traditional jewellery. Moreover, “G” is the most popular grade for diamond engagement rings; it is the top colour grade which is almost colourless and is also easily found in Australia. 
  • Clarity: The best clarity diamonds come with no imperfections or inclusion; however, it is hard to find an eye-clean diamond. There are 11 grades on the GIA clarity scale; however, most diamonds fall into the SI (slightly included) or VS (very slightly included). So for the best quality diamond, you can consider the VS1-VS2 grade clarity diamonds.

Check the Diamond Certification

The best way to confirm the legitimacy of the diamond is to check the certification. If you buy a diamond ring from a recognised jeweller in Australia, they will provide you with the certificate of your diamond. Renowned gemological laboratories provide these certifications after thoroughly inspecting each diamond and verifying the diamonds’ authenticity. If the diamond ring you purchase turns out to be fake, the certifying authority will cover your losses. This is why it is always said that never buy diamond engagement Rings in Australia without a valid certificate. 

Purchase From a Reputed Jeweller

According to the latest statistics, approximately 4000 retail jewellery stores in Australia deal in Diamond jewellery. Out of which, 3000 are said to be independent stores, and 1000 are chain stores, most of which are operating online and offline. So that means you can browse the enormous collection of engagement rings while sitting at your home and find the best ring for your beloved. However, before you splurge on the ring, don’t forget to conduct diligent research on the jeweller. 

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