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Why Use the Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow? Six Benefits You Need to Consider

It is the end of a grueling week at work and you are ready to leave the office and decompress. You decide that when you get home you are going to take a bath and enjoy a large glass of wine. You will start that book you have been excited to read and you soak in the warm water. You will light some candles and turn on your essential oil diffuser. You will transform your space into your own little spa no matter how tiny your apartment is. Your bathroom may be tiny but it is mighty, completely capable of providing the space to have the perfect self care night. You come home and put on your bathrobe. You start running your bath. You see the steam start to build. After checking the temperature you turn on your diffuser and light your candles. You take a sip of your favorite wine. You created a sanctuary. There is just one thing you are missing that will prevent you from having the most relaxing bath of all time. You are missing the luxury of an Everlasting bath pillow.

Most tubs are designed for functionality without taking into consideration comfort. For bath enthusiasts this takes away from the overall experience of enjoying a bath. Everlasting has changed the game with their popular amazon bath pillow. Here are some benefits you need to consider when using a bath pillow! 

Benefit Number One: Ergonomically Designed Back Cushion and Headrest

Your tub was not designed with your comfort in mind and especially was not designed for proper body positioning either. If you were to take long baths at home you could actually face more problems over time if you do not have the proper back support. This is where bath pillows save the day! The everlasting bath pillow is made with premium memory foam. It has an ergonomic design to give proper back and neck support. The headrest was designed to keep your neck supported and aligned properly at all times while resting in your tub. Its design expertly cradles your back, shoulders, neck, and head. Providing the necessary comfort for your bath needs is extremely important. You do not want to leave your self care ritual with back pain or neck tension. Bath pillows will alleviate current and future stressors in the body. 

Benefit Number Two: Four Powerful Suction Cups

With other brands of bath pillows, you may waste a lot of time just trying to set up your bath letting the water run cold before you can even get in and relax. With Everlasting’s bath pillow you do not have to worry about wasting precious time. This design has four powerful suction cups which allows you to spend less time adjusting and more time relaxing. The suction cups are located on the back of the pillow. They were created to be compatible with any type of tub, spa, or jacuzzi. You can just lay back and relax knowing that your bath pillow will not slip or fall at any time during your self care night. 

Benefit Number Three: Built-In Drying Hook

With other bath pillows you have to worry about complicated maintenance. Everlasting’s pillow was designed with a built-in drying hook. Its purpose is to allow easy and fast drying time. You can hang your bath pillow on any shower rod or towel rack. Just hang it and let it air dry. Its design takes up minimal space and is easily stored once it is fully dry. The built-in hook creates a stress free environment after your bath is done.

Benefit Number Four: Breathable Mesh Cover

The fourth benefit to the everlasting bath pillow is another part of its design which relates to the third benefit. With other bath pillows you have to be cautious of water buildup and potential mold growth if the pillow does not dry fully. In addition to the built in drying hook, the everlasting pillow was designed with a breathable mesh cover. The mesh offers better water and air permeability for fast drying times. With this cover your pillow will always stay dry and fresh for future self care nights. 

Benefit Number Five: Deep Side Storage Pocket

Another amazing aspect of the everlasting bath pillow design is its deep side storage pocket. Whether you need to store your body wash, shampoo, or any other bath accessory, the deep side storage pocket makes it easy to do so! This allows you to keep all your bath essentials within reach when you need it. An added bonus is the pillow comes with its own loofah to add to your overall bath experience. 

Benefit Number Six: Amazon Prime

Another amazing benefit to everlasting is that their bath pillow is available on amazon prime! If you are a prime member you can have your bath pillow for your next self care night within just two days! Treat yourself and ensure the luxurious comfort of your next bath today!

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