Who is Simon Brodkin and Will I Enjoy One of His Shows?

If you are new to comedy, you might still be finding your feet. In other words, you might not have chosen your favourite comedian yet or know what you are looking for when it comes to a show. The good news is, this is something that you learn over time. But, when you are new to comedy clubs, something that will help is researching the show and the comedian to see if it is likely to be something that appeals to you.

Let’s take Simon Brodkin as an example. A lot of people are enjoying his performances right now. Let’s learn more about him to figure out if you would also enjoy one of his shows.

Best Known for Lee Nelson

There are going to be a lot of people who know who Simon Brodkin is. Alternatively, they call him Lee Nelson. Before you get confused and think they are referring to someone else, they are actually right. Lee Nelson created the character called Lee Nelson and made the nation laugh. In particular, Lee Nelson is a character he takes on that is from South London and he is known for being a ‘wide boy’.

So, if you go to a Simon Brodkin show, it is likely that you are going to see some impersonations. While he is trying to move forward and pass Lee Nelson, he is great at impersonating others and this is likely to be an element of his shows at least. 

He is a Prankster at Heart

Everyone loves a prankster. It can be entertaining to see people trick others and have a laugh with fake scenarios. Well, this is definitely something that Simon Brodkin knows how to do and have fun with. In fact, he is known by a lot of people for being a prankster and tricking a lot of high-profile and celebrities over the years.

For example, Simon Brodkin pranked Theresa May when she was the Prime Minister. He handed her a P45 form when she was speaking at the Conservative Party Conference. In addition, he has even played pranks on big names such as Kanye West.

He Regularly Sells Out shows

Something that you should know about Simon Brodkin is that he is always capable of selling out his shows. He is well-known in the comedy scene and this means there are always people that want to see him. So, if you are thinking about seeing one of his comedy shows, make sure that you are deliberating for too long. Tickets can go quick.

For example, in the past, he has sold out the UK Jewish Comedy Festival. In addition, he has even had to add more tour dates in order to accommodate his fans. For example, this happened on his Lee Nelson tours.

Will You Like One of His Shows?

Now, you are going to know a little bit more about Simon Brodkin and what he is like as a comedian. So, will you like one of his shows? Well, if you like what you have read about him and think that he sounds interesting, you are only going to know if you arrange tickets for his next show. But, you can also choose to do some more investigation if you want to guarantee you will have a good time.

For example, there is a lot of material available online that you can read. There are reviews from popular newspapers, as well as other sites that want to share their experience at some of his shows. Do not forget that you can look him up on platforms like YouTube too. Here, you can watch some sketches that he has done and clips from his show. You can see if you like these videos and it will give you a good idea of the humour you can expect from him.

It is great to read what others think about a comedian. However, everyone knows that comedy is something that is subjective. There will be some people that are laughing all night long at some of his jokes. Then, there will be others that are entertained at all. In fact, this is the beauty of comedy. So, you are going to have to make up your own mind when it comes to Simon Brodkin. Be open-minded and you can arrange a ticket to one of his shows to find out. You might just discover that you love his material and want to go see him again!

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