What Is the Best Municipal Water Purifier?

For understanding the best water purifier, we need to understand the quality of water in our area. In this ever-growing country, where every day many new residents and commercial places are building. With that, a large population is also shifting to these places with their basic requirements. In old days, there used to be a hand pump in every house to get the groundwater for drinking and other daily usages like washing, cleaning, or harvesting. But with time, processes and lifestyles have changed a lot. With every new locality, there have become big water tanks for supplying water in every house for daily usage. This water is known as municipal water. It helps in doing all your water-related stuff in the house, but you cannot drink that water because of its high contamination. There are many RO and UV water system that purifies water has certain limitation in clearing heavy metals or micro-organisms, and cannot clear muddy water. To solve the issue related to drinking water in your house, KITZ has come up with a Water Filtration System For City Water.

In, there are four stages of water cleaning in this purifier, and the purity of water determines what technology of purification will be suitable for you. The water you receive from the municipality contains salt and many impurities. This cannot happen with Non-Electric RO-UV Water Purifier as well. However, Kitz can solve this problem with a step-by-step filtration process. To get rid of foul odor and sand, activated carbon and sediment cartridge filters are used, which do not require electricity. Let us understand the types of water purifiers they provide for your house with their features and benefits.

There Are Three Types of Filtration System Available:


Purifree is an advanced drinking water filter with JIS Japan standards with no use of electricity, and no water wastage. It provides the purest form of drinking water from municipal water up to 300tds, with the removal of 19 types of harmful impurities but keeping intact the natural minerals. Its filtration flow quantity is 7000 Litres and filters 3.5 liters of water in a minute.


This product is ideal for big families. The OSS-T7 is designed to produce drinking water with the removal of 15 types of harmful impurities. It keeps the natural minerals intact in municipal water of around 300tds. Its filtration flow is 11000 liters and filters 5 liters of water per minute.


The material made of stainless steel with a four-layer filtration process is another good option to have in-home, which can work without electricity and wastewater. You just have to install it with your tab. It can purify up to 200tds range of municipal water with 5 liters per minute filtration flow.

Features Of Japanese Technology Water Purifier by Kitz

If you are still confused about which is the Best Municipal Water Purifier, then understand the features of this Japanese product, Kitz.

  1. High Filtration Flow

It can filter the water by around 3.5 liters in a minute and can use this to wash vegetables other than drink them. Because of a similar high-water inflow, it’s also able to wash hands or face.

  1. Water Recovery

Check for the water quantity that gets wasted during the cleansing process. Effective water purifiers will have a certifiably maximum water recovery with minimal waste. In some cases, just 20% of the water will be wasted. There are products in the request with zero destruction as well.

  1. Excellent purification

The 4-step filtration structure can remove 19 harmful substances. It doesn’t remove minerals that are essential for your body. It removes up to 99.999% of bacteria.

  1. Low Installation and Maintenance costs

It is a good water purifier system to use for the house. You can easily install it in your house without any hassles and extra expenses. This product can easily be cleaned in 2- 3 months and won’t cost you any extra penny for regular maintenance. You need to know the warranty period and after-purchase services of the brand.

Four Steps of Filtration Structure in The Best Water Purifier

Despite its small body, the non-electric RO-UV water purifier achieves large inflow with excellent cleansing by integrating perfection with a heavy quantity filter.

  1. Pre Filter

Pre-filter removes large deposits like rust and harmful particles.

  1. Granular Activated Carbon

It removes chlorine and musty odors. Granular activated carbon is designed and developed for cleaning water. This activated carbon is processed with the hot water steam technique; it has lower contamination carbon.

  1. Hollow Fiber Membrane Filter

This layer removes lead from the water. High cleaning stream is achieved by the spiral design with low pressure.

  1. Fiber from Activated Carbon

The hollow fiber membrane filtrates are as small as 0.0001 mm muddy elements, bacteria, coliform, parasites, etc.

Why choose Kitz Water Purifier?

Elongated Appliance Life

Water-oriented appliances that are used daily in our household stuff have an elongated life with purified water over valve water. Salt and impure water can cause a lot of pipe damage and clogs. Cleaner water can help in increasing your appliance’s life. The best water purifier for 200 TDS or 300 TDS protects you, your water, and your house.

Japan is known for technologies that make human life easy. Kitz Corporation Japan, established in 1951, come with the best Purifier of Municipal Water in India, Kitz water purifiers. This advanced system removes 19 types of impurities like heavy metals and impurities while keeping essential minerals. It is proven by quality assurance standards like JIS & JWPA, JAPAN, which makes it the Best Water Purifier in India for Municipal Water.

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