What Is a Tow Way Radio? How Does It Work?

Ever seen a two way radio? Do you know what it is and how it works?

Understanding what is a two way radio could help your campus, agency, business, or industry with the proper usage. Two way radios are durable and mobile, making them the best method of communication in any situation. In addition, they don’t need a constant power source or signal access, unlike mobile phones and landlines. 

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What Is A Two Way Radio?

A two way radio is a radio that receives both radio waves and broadcasts. They are hand-held gadgets where you can communicate on a single frequency band using radio waves. Unlike broadcast receivers, you can use the two-way radio to receive and send audio. 

Types Of Two Way Radio Systems 

Two way radios come in different types, with various attributes. Here are a few types and what they’re best used for:

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  • Conventional: single site with users, from one to 150.
  • IP Site Connect: small to midsize businesses. 
  • Capacity Plus: 100 users or more across different areas.
  • Linked Capacity Plus: multi-site radio for even more prominent customers.
  • Capacity Max: best for users who are thousands of miles apart

It’s best to pick the best two way radio type that matches your need. Take note of your distance from each user and the number of people when purchasing two way radios. 

How Two Way Radios Works

Two way radios work by converting all audio waves to radio waves, which are typically transmitted via air. The radio waves are then received by other radios, converting the radio waves back to audio. 

Other than that, two way radio systems use a single radio channel, typically in a half-duplex mode. This is where only one user with the radio can transmit, so users have to take turns talking through the channel.

Two way radios are typically in receive mode, so a user can hear all transmissions on the channel. When a user wants to talk, they have to press the push-to-talk button. There are many channels provided in a two way radio, so separate groups can communicate without interfering with other user groups.

Uses Of Two Way Radios

Some sectors use two-way radio for communication despite their advanced age. This includes the military, emergency personnel, construction workers, pilots, ship captains, and traffic controllers. They also function in different organizations, like hospitals, manufacturing, transportation, and so on.

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Two Way Radios Explained

Learning what is a two way radio and how they work can help you maximize your investment. Two-way radio systems have more channels, lowering the interference from other radio users. They also have the best reliability when you get into accidents or have signal issues with your other devices. 

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