What are the Benefits of CBD — and is it Safe to Use?

It’s no secret that CBD has become quite popular today. What started as an alternative health treatment slowly became a nationwide craze. And the statistics prove that. According to statistics, CBD products have generated roughly five billion US dollars in 2020. And it is predicted to grow to nearly 17 billion US dollars by 2025 in the United States. The reason why it has grown significantly in popularity is because of the benefits it offers. You can find the best CBD for joint pain relief here.

This article will help you understand the benefits that CBD offers and answer the question as to whether CBD products are safe for use. Let’s dive in.

Is CBD safe to use?

Yes, CBD is safe to use. But, it does come with several side effects like sleepiness, diarrhea, fatigue, elevated liver enzymes, and rash. Also, the amount you consume can affect the safety of CBD. For instance, people who take high doses of CBD products may have abnormalities in their liver-related blood tests.visit here : Elf bars

Another significant concern about the safety of CBD is that these products are sold in the form of supplements and not medication. This is a concern as the FDA doesn’t regulate the purity and safety of dietary supplements. Without the regulation, you can’t determine whether your purchase product contains elements other than CBD. You also can’t be sure about the most effective dose for any particular medical condition.

Benefits of CBD

Despite all these effects, CBD does have several benefits. They include:

  • Anxiety relief

According to a 2015 review published in the journal Neurotherapeutics, CBD can treat anxiety disorders. The study reports that animal research indicated that CBD has powerful anxiety-relieving effects. Other studies have also noted that lower doses of CBD have helped improve some anxiety symptoms, while higher doses have no effect.

In lower doses of CBD, the brain will contain surrounding molecules that bind themselves to your central nervous system. This causes your body to turn up its signaling. But, at higher doses, your brain has too much activity, and thus its effects are entirely different. It’s important to note that there aren’t plenty of research trials that look into the anxiety-relieving effects of CBD in humans.

But, one such study was published in 2019 in the Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry. For the research trial, 57 men were given either a placebo or CBD oil before participating in a public event. The study showed that the men who took the CBD  product had fewer anxiety disorders than those who took the placebo.

  • Relief nerve pain

Another benefit of CBD is that it helps relieve nerve pain. Some doctors have prescribed CBD to patients with treatment-resistant pain like terminal cancer. Research studies have also shown evidence that CBD does help ease nerve pain. One such study was a research piece published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine in 2012. 

The researchers injected a group of rats with specific chemicals to prompt inflammation. Once the inflammation kicked in, they gave the rats CBD. The control group that got CBD had less nerve pain and inflammation. So, how does CBD help reduce nerve pain?

Scientists believe that CBD helps in reducing nerve pain by binding to your brain’s receptors. This, in turn, helps control the speed your nerves pass signals, including pain signals between nerve cells.

  • Seizures relief

CBD has also been known to help treat two rare forms of epilepsy- Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. One common symptom of this rare form of epilepsy is lifelong seizures, which often start in a child’s first year of life. In 2018, the FDA approved Epidiolex, a CBD oral solution, to help treat these two medical conditions.

The reason why CBD works for these two conditions is that it interacts with seizure medication. It also helps boost the concentration of the seizure medication in the blood. But, it’s important to note that outside of these two epilepsy conditions, there isn’t sufficient evidence to indicate the effectiveness of CBD in treating seizures.

The above benefits prove that the use of CBD does come with several advantages. However, we still require more research to prove its effectiveness in treating the above conditions. Also, without sufficient research, it becomes challenging to pinpoint the proper dosage to treat specific medical conditions. So, if you decide to start using CBD first, talk to your doctor.

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