What are some of the must-haves in a ute toolbox?

If you’re driving a ute in Sydney, a busy place for businesses and people, you’ll know it’s the perfect vehicle for work and play. But to ensure that your ute toolboxes in Sydney are always up to scratch, it would be wise to invest in a few must-have items. Here’s the list of must-haves when it comes to having a well-stocked tool kit for your ute in Sydney:

Wheel brace

A wheel brace is a tool to break the bead on a vehicle tire. The bead is the tire’s rim that holds it in your vehicle. A wheel brace is usually made from steel and may come with one or two different ends, depending on its purpose. If you want to use this tool for removing tires, you need one end with teeth like those found on a ratchet wrench; if you need to remove lug nuts instead, an attachment with grooves will be more helpful.

Spanners and sockets

The spanners and sockets you need depend on the type of car you drive. Generally, however, there are two types of spanners: open-ended or ring-shaped. The open end is used to remove nuts or bolts, and the ring shape holds them in place. Sockets come in various sizes based on their diameter.

Sockets are also categorized by how they grip onto nuts/bolts or other fittings:

  • Sliding sockets have a smooth face that slides over the nut or bolt being loosened/tightened; this makes them ideal for working on fasteners with flat sides (such as hex keys).
  • Box wrenches have an angled face designed to apply force at 90 degrees to a fastener’s plane; these are best suited for working on round nuts and bolts with no flat side available to slide over.


The main reason is that you can use them to remove or replace screws in any project you’re working on. As a result, many different types and sizes of screwdrivers are available.

The most common screwdriver type is a flathead because it looks like an upside-down frying pan (or plate). These are called Phillips head when they have four points on each corner and fit into the corresponding socket in power drills and other specialized hand tools.

Pliers and wire cutters

Pliers are used for holding, bending, and cutting. Wire cutters can be used to cut the wire and strip the insulation from the ends of wires. You will likely have a pair in your toolbox already, but make sure that there is a decent pair in your ute toolboxes in Sydney too. Crimpers are another type of plier that is sometimes included on crimping pliers sets, and they can be used to fasten two wires together with an electrical connection securely.

Allen wrenches and a metric ruler

A metric ruler can help you measure how much longer a bolt needs to be, what size bolt is needed for a project, and other things. Metric wrenches are also pretty handy if you want to tighten something or loosen something that requires torque. You can find metric wrenches in sets at most hardware stores.

In addition to the metric tools listed above, there are some special tools that every ute toolbox in Sydney should have.

WD40, engine oil, and brake fluid

You’ll need to have some WD40 handy to help protect metal parts from rust. It’s also a good idea to keep some engine oil and brake fluid in your ute toolbox, as these are important for the engine and brakes. To keep your supplies safe, you should put them in a container that won’t leak (or at least doesn’t leak too much). You can buy specialized containers for storing these liquids or use a plastic drinks bottle if you don’t want to spend extra money on something fancy.


With the right tools, you can be sure you’re always ready to handle any situation in Sydney. Whether a flat tire or something more serious like an engine failure, having the right tool for the job will make all the difference. With so many options available in stores in Sydney today, there is no excuse for not having everything at your fingertips when it comes time for an emergency repair!

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