Understanding High Pressure Diesel Water Pumps Popular in Kenya

Water pumps are diesel operated to create a suction pressure from the water source such as a well or a water tank and then a push pressure to the spraying jets of sprinklers. The pushing pressure created can turn sprinkler jets in an irrigation farm for equal water distribution.

Key Features of a Water Pump.

Water pumps that are classified as high pressure are on most occasions used for overhead irrigation where it is used to turn the sprinklers. They are also found in car washes where their high pressure helps in effectively cleaning the car interior and exterior parts of the vehicle. The water ejected under the high pressure hit the surface being cleaned hard causing effective cleaning.

In the following article, we are going to discuss some of the important features one has to consider while buying a water pump.

Power Source

Water pumps are either fuel-driven or electric driven. The fuel-driven operation by combusting petrol or diesel. They are therefore portable and can be used in remote areas without an electric connection. The electric use a motor that is turned by electric power. Their operation is facilitated by being connected to electricity. It limits them to usage in areas with electricity.

The Type of Water Pump

A water pump is either an electric, or a fuel-driven jet pump that is used to draw water from very deep sources. The diaphragm type is designed to draw thick and heavy semi-solid liquid contents. The diesel-driven stationery type is an industrial water pump used for largescale water pumping needs. These are the major types of high pressure diesel water pump Kenya.

The Pump Performance

The overall pump performance is measured by the water moving capabilities. The water moving capability is broken into; – Flow rate which means the higher the flow rate the more the water pumped in a given period. The Max head is the vertical distance the pump can get water; – deep or shallow. The Water pressure is the water speed and to what horizontal distance it will go.


The growing need for water pumps has opened the door for some cheap low-quality pumps that end up causing disappointment to the user. The durability of water is associated with its function and the material it is made of. For example, fire-fighting water pumps are cast on aluminium, heavy semi-liquid is cast on iron and the chemical pumps are stainless steel. Choose wisely

Fuel Type

Every engine that uses fuel can only and strictly use only that fuel. The available water pumps are either Petrol or Diesel. Generally, the petrol water pumps are more in number in the market and cheaper. On the other hand, diesel is more fuel-efficient and with a stronger working capacity. The price is also slightly higher compared to the petrol one.

In conclusion, 

Water pumps are used for different purposes such as; Fire-fighting require high pressure to send the extinguishing water from the truck to the burning place. Sewage exhaustion services require a generator to suck out the semi-solid fluid for properly disposing of. Some private swimming pools don’t have underground draining and a water pump comes in handy in drawing out water.

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