Top 5 Features and Improvements We Need In NBA 2K22

Wrapping up the NBA 2K21 series, we’re going to discuss a few more things that the 2K Sports could put into NBA 2K22 to make it a great game, covering new Current Gen features and ideas from the community’s wishlist.

1. Current Gen – Bring Back Affiliations

They definitely need to bring back affiliations for Current Gen. This was one of the worst years for 2K in the sense that there was such a large disconnect between Current Gen and Next-Gen players, only a small percentage like 20 percent got Next Gen for 2K, so that’s a major displacement of the community. But one of the things that the 2K Sports could do to kind of mitigate that separation is bring back affiliations for everybody. So like you shouldn’t just be next-gen that has affiliations and rival days, why is current gen still in the neighborhood?

2. Current Gen – Next Gen MyPlayer Builder

For Current Gen, we think they should implement the Next Gen MyPlayer Builder but the more improved version of it. Obviously you don’t want the same overpowered 67, 68 power forwards that we have on Next Gen, now but maybe bring back something that’s a little bit more reminiscent to the way it was in 2K16 and 2K17 for MT points to buy, with some limitations though you still don’t want everybody running around with the same build.

3. Purchase Infinite – Skill & Turbo Boosts

Allow us to purchase infinite skill boosts but also allow us to purchase infinite turbo boost as well. There’s no obvious indicators that the skill boost is actually working, you don’t see a plus five on none of your attributes like we did in 2K15 and 2K16. It could all just be a placebo, 2K could just be messing with us and taking our VC and MyTeam Points, we choose not to believe that and try to think that MyPlayer is a little bit better with the skill boost but it would be great if 2K allowed us to see a plus 5 in the categories that we got boosted for us, that way there’s no guesswork and no wondering if you’re really just getting screwed over.

4. Improve A.I. Defnese – In MyCareer, REC & Park

How about improving the A.I. especially for MyCareer? Because it was way too easy on Next Gen. MyCareer hall of fame didn’t even matter you still drop 100 NBA 2K22 MT points on the A.I. no problem but that trickles over into the Park and into the REC center, especially if you come into the rec center with three friends, they fill you in with two A.I. players and everyone exploits the A.I.

5. Equal Rep – Playing at Any Park

We need equal or nearly equal rep for playing at any affiliation, getting negative 50 rep for playing at other affiliations, defeated the entire purpose of having a city all together, like what’s the purpose of exploring the city if you’re a beast from the east, you go play at the knights and get less rep for playing there. 2K in the past said there was a problem with too many people joining one affiliation, we mean there was an imbalance from the start on Next Gen anyway, vast majority of people are going to want to be a beast or a knight, this is psychology 101 when you have a snake or a cat you’re going to have less people choose that for obvious reasons whether it be biblical or just the fact that being a snake is considered bad in the NBA in general.

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