Top 4 Must Know Technology Trends

Before starting the article we want to talk about the importance of video platforms. Video platforms have become one of the most used sites of all time, it’s a place where you can get famous sometimes even in seconds. YouTube is the most popular video platform and is also the second-largest search engine on the internet. People post a bunch of content and get tons of profit and fame from views, the easiest way to get it is to buy youtube views.


While we take water for granted, the future could be much more uncertain for this element. Indeed, giving access to water to every citizen on the planet remains a huge challenge. Technological companies active in this field are legion, but a new generation of digital players is expanding the ecosystem around the theme of water. For example, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity prevent hacking of water tanks.  

Another example is the removal of toxic blue-green algae from contaminated lakes, an area in which start-ups such as BlueGreen Water Technologies (based in Israel) excel. #2 – LOGISTICS: A REAL STEP FORWARD

The pandemic has highlighted the fragility of our supply system. Truth be told, not much has changed since the introduction of standardized containers in the 1950s. With the explosion of e-commerce in recent years, supply chains must evolve and become more agile and efficient in order to follow breakneck speeds.

Many start-ups are trying to solve the bottleneck issues that businesses and consumers have had to face recently. Thus Trellis uses artificial intelligence and cognitive processes to optimize food transport. 


“Big data” refers to all the means of analysis, systematic extraction of information and other forms of processing of databases that are too large or too complex to be handled by traditional software. This sector brings together a host of professions and its annual growth rate is estimated at more than 30% per year.


The Covid-19 epidemic has given an unprecedented boost to telemedicine, favoring the boom in teleconsultations.

Very few practitioners had experienced these before confinement, but start-ups have enabled millions of patients to consult their doctor remotely in recent months. Tytocare goes even further with the development of a portable examination kit allowing patients to undergo medical examinations from home. 

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