Tips to Choose the Right Pair of Headphones

Amidst all the everyday gadgets that influence the quality of your life, headphones are near or even at the top of the list.  Come on, you run with them on, you do take them to bed, you actually wear them on trains and even planes – some of you even drink, eat, and go to sleep under your beloved headphones. 

The point is simple a good and effective pair improves your quality of life. And a not-so-good pair simply makes things not too comfortable. Come on, you should check out the right and the Best Wired Headphones in India or even wireless if you want with keeping the right things in mind.

Find out how you would use the headphone 

Are you going to be using your headphones when traveling, sitting in the listening room, or at the workout place or gym? Or maybe simply all three? Different types of headphones will be good for different types of situations. So, before you get flattered by a headphone, make sure that you know when and how you would be using it.

Find out the type you want

Before you even get to wireless variations, even that of noise cancellation, smart features, and more., you require to settle on your preferred type of headphone type first, so you can figure it out here.  The three basic types of headphone styles are known as Over-ear, then on-ear, and even in-ear.

Over ear headphones 

These over-ear headphones encircle or cup your ear and simply stay on via light pressure on your temple and even upper jaw. Over-ear headphones are the classic type of, original style headphones and these are available in two versions: closed and open. Closed-back headphones simply keep your music in, averting others around you from hearing what you are listening to, though open-back headphones possess openings that allow the outside sounds in and the inside sound out. 

On-ear headphones 

These are generally tiny and lighter than over-ear headphones, and these stay on your head through pressure directly on your ears, like that of earmuffs. On-ear headphones are even available in open and closed differences, if you hear the rules, on-ear are going to allow more ambient sound than over-ear headphones.

In-Ear Headphones

Mostly called earbuds or even that of earphones, in-ear headphones are the smallest type of the three types, and they actually fit in the ear canal. These are also everywhere in the present time.  The point is you would find a good variety in the realm of these headphones. Remember that these in -ear headphones are good for working out or simply doing anything active as they are more portable and mostly feature water or that of sweat-resistant materials. These are even convenient for you to carry because you can easily keep them in your pocket or simply slide them into the zip of your bag.


To sum up, you can get the headphones of your choice and don’t worry about the expense as with Dhani One freedom card offers, you would find everything in budget. Since you know most of the points of these headphones, make sure that you make the right choice. 

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