Tips to Choose the Right Hard Money Lender

When it is about real estate investing, especially purchasing flipping houses, traditional lenders like banks are not the best options. They are specifically strict with several terms and conditions and might reject loan applications, especially due to the risks associated. The alternative is to consider hard money lenders in Atlanta, Georgia.

Hard money lenders have become a widely popular option today among real estate investors. The hard money offers capital sourced from individual investors, crowdfunding, hedge funds, and so on. Funding a real estate property with a hard money loan is the best move, but finding the right lender is a challenge. Choosing the right hard money lender plays a vital role in the success of a real estate investor. Thus, the selection process requires stringent measures that need to be followed.

Understanding the concept of hard money

If someone lacks knowledge about hard money lenders, it is always a good idea to gain a basic understanding of the same before making a deal with a lender. The underwriting criteria differ from one lender to the other, but the fundamental principles are the same. Hard money lenders in Atlanta, Georgia offers indisputable advantages and function distinctly from conventional financing. The borrower is comfortable with the differences between conventional financing and hard money lending.

Choosing a direct hard money lender

It is necessary to have a basic idea about the sources of funding of a lender. Brokers function on multiple levels, but it is always better to deal with a direct hard money lender. This makes the entire loan process easier, and hassle-free, saving on broker fees. When one explores the market, he/she will come across multiple types of direct lenders. Some are rich that lend capital from their homes cum offices. On the other hand, there are large firms that invest their capital in hard money lending. It is recommended to get hold of a direct lender that offers maximum flexibility.

Selecting a local hard money lender

Real estate investing involves a local business venture. Similarly, hard money lending is local as well. This makes sense because even if a reputed out-of-locality lender funds capital on agreed terms and conditions, being far away from the property makes loan servicing a huge challenge. Servicing is a key responsibility of any hard money lender. A local lender can aid in reducing expenses by handling construction escrow efficiently. Furthermore, a hard money lender with skills in the local market can eliminate wasting time on unprofitable properties.

Looking for reviews and referrals

Similar to any industry, scams, and frauds in the hard money lending sector is not an exception. Some companies don’t hesitate to promise amazing deals, changing terms and conditions just before the closing. It is overwhelming to choose the right hard money lender, but referrals seem to be an excellent option. It is always a better option to seek reviews from actual clients who have borrowed capital from the hard money lenders in Atlanta, Georgia in the past.

Asking the right questions

Often borrowers bombard the lenders with tons of questions that don’t fit in the context. Usually, they read out some irrelevant questions searching on the internet, or in a real estate seminar. The question asked hardly provides any insight into the functioning of a lender. Henceforth, it is a waste of time to ask irrelevant questions and doesn’t help in any way. It is always recommended to ask more open-ended questions so that borrowers can get a deep insight into the working mechanisms of hard money lenders.

Looking for red flags

Every field has individuals that function without any principles, and the hard money lending sector suffers from the same plight. Recognizing the hard money scams is vital, and one must be aware of the warning signs or red flags like:

  • Exceptionally low-interest rates
  • Demanding money upfront
  • Asking to wire money directly to the lender
  • Mysterious lender location
  • No requirements on part of borrowers

Chasing the lowest rate is a big no

Working with slim margins is a part of every investor. Investors are always on the lookout for ways to cut down expenses and add to their savings. When an investor is engaged with a hard money lender, he/she has to understand that it is not always wise to run after deals with the lowest interest rates. It has been found in the majority of the cases that the lowest interest rates come with poor servicing.

When there is poor servicing, there are miscommunications and delays in the procedure, thereby affecting the profit margins. It is suggested that the focus should be on the best offers and values instead of looking for the lowest possible interest rates. The borrower must find hard money lenders in Atlanta, Georgia that don’t function based on the rates only but also values transparency, reputation, professionalism, and expertise.

Freedom to select vendors

It is highly recommended that when choosing a hard money lender, the borrower must have the complete right to select the title company, contractor, the insurance company, etc., to protect the legal interests. The majority of the borrowers prefer a recommendation instead of being forced to choose a specific vendor. This might come out as the lender looking for self-interest at the expense of the borrower.

Trusting the gut

To select the right hard money lender, one must believe and trust the gut. The borrower has to let his/her intuition contribute to choosing the right lender and building a long-term relationship. When a borrower can trust the lender and associated people, working is easier and hassle-free. Punctuality, detailed attention, expertise, compassion, good humor, and so on are some of the aspects that can make the relationship between lenders and borrowers remarkable.


The above-mentioned are some of the tips that a borrower must consider while choosing hard money lenders in Atlanta, Georgia. When a good hard money lender is chosen, the value gets added up right away in the form of free access to resources and tools, and also being available personally to answer the queries.


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