Things to consider while choosing solar water heater

When in the solar water heater marketplace, you need to study well to determine the kind of solar system and only go for the solar water heater that will work best in your home. Solar water heater gives significant benefits over old-style electric water heaters. Solar heaters use free natural resources, such as sunlight, that help reduce fuel and electricity costs.

Purpose and use

The Solar water heaters are appropriate for big institutions since they are fitted on roofs. Therefore, the location of the top is significant in providing solar panels. Install solar panels on the south-facing roofs to receive plenty of sunlight throughout day time.


Budget is an influential factor while choosing the best solar water heater. It lures a boundary between your requirements and purchasing capacity. Discovering a convenient and cost-effective solar water heater can be challenging, especially for those without any prior research or knowledge regarding these systems. In the current phenomenon, a pressurized solar water heater is the best due to its convenience.

Size of solar water heater

The number of people and their requirements for hot water dictates the size of a solar water heater needed—more significant demand for desirable water results in a larger solar panel. The adequacy is dogged by the number of rooms in the house. High water level capacity is best appropriate for hospitals or hotels, and a lower water capacity is suitable for small families.

Government Subsidy

Since solar water heater uses renewable resources, it is a step closer to protecting our environment. Therefore, the government gives us subsidies as an appreciation token for decreasing carbon footprints and binding solar energy as the best way. The grants reduce the cost of fitting. Thus, all you need is to pay the amount left after government deductions.

Water Source

You should be able to find out if the water source is hard or soft to enable you to choose the best solar heater to be fitted because soft water has different mineral capacities not the same as hard water. Consequently, each uses a separate heating system. Faint water sources usually utilize a direct heating system that is heated directly by the solar heater. In contrast, hard water uses an indirect heating system because of its high mineral capacity.

Plumbing work

Plumbing work is another factor considered while choosing a solar water heater. The two-way piping mechanism is commonly used. This is where hot and cold water is linked to the house by using two different pipes, one for cold water and another for hot water. Using a tube solar water heater is best preferred since it heats the water faster and is not expensive compared to a flat solar water heater.

Type of tank used

The tanks required to store the solar-heated water must endure and retain heat. A good tank should be thick and capable of retaining heat for long hours and should have a food protection measure that ensures the water kept doesn’t have an offensive smell. The tanks should also be coated with enamel to avoid corrosion caused by the hard water

Consider these factors while considering purchasing the best solar water heater. Customize them conferring to your resolution as every apartment and household has its necessities. Get high-quality solar water heaters from recognized manufacturers and improve the use of solar systems in your home.

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