The Williams sisters

When talking about some of the best female tennis players of all time, probably the names of Serena and Venus Williams would immediately come to mind. For many, they are considered among the best female tennis players ever. The is a great place to wager on the most important tennis competitions from all over the world.

It should be noted that both sisters occupied the number one place in singles and doubles in different points throughout their careers. In fact, in 2002, Venus Williams was ranked number 1, while her sister Serena was ranked second. This has been the only time in the history of tennis when two sisters have occupied the first and second places of the WTA ranking.

However, this was not the only time when they did that, because they again repeated the feat in 2010. Even though the two sisters played many matches together in doubles, there was an important sporting rivalry between them as well. Whenever excellent tennis players are on the court, it is possible to visit the 1xBet website to wager on them.

Tons of titles

Both sisters won a plethora of titles in both singles and doubles. However, in singles, Serena was more successful than her sister Venus. The has a complete coverage of the most important tennis competitions, and live bets can be made on all of them.

Some of the competitions that both Venus and Serena won in singles were:

  • Grand slams;
  • Olympic gold medals;
  • and also, they both contributed in winning the Fed Cup for the United States.

In total, Serena Williams won 73 singles titles, while her sister Venus won 49. Both of them have the biggest career earnings in the history of female tennis. Whenever male and female tennis matches take place, fans can wager on them at the 1xBet website.

Lots of consecutive finals

Serena and Venus Williams were so dominant in female tennis, that it was rare not to see any of them in the final of a tennis tournament. The app 1xBet for your smartphone can be obtained for free, and it offers tons of opportunities for betting on many tennis championships.

For example, between 2002 and 2003, both sisters took part in four consecutive Grand Slam single finals. Another excellent achievement of the sisters was winning three Olympic gold medals in doubles. They did so in the 2000, 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics. Setting up the 1xBet app for your smartphone is very easy, and doing so will immediately provide chances to wager on Olympic tennis.

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