The ultimate beginner’s guide to using washi tape

Bullet journaling is one of the easiest ways to get organized in your life, and washi tape is a great enabler. However, many people don’t know how to fix their bujo with washi tape. I hope, this article would help you out.

What is washi tape?

If you like to get creative, you may be familiar with washi tape. The decorative and beautiful masking tape is made of paper and made from sustainable and natural fibers such as bamboo and hemp.

So, it doesn’t need to compromise on efficiency or sustainability to be good for the environment. Working with washi tapes is fun as they are different and come in tons of patterns and colors.

In addition, it can stick to many surfaces, including metal, plastic, and wood, and it comes out without any bad residue.

Where does washi tape come from?

Washi paper has been around as a traditional Japanese paper for centuries and has been used in traditional Japanese arts such as shodo and origami. However, washi tape has more recent origins.

It was first produced under the name of MT masking tape by the kamoi kakoshi company and used in industrial applications.

However, after the amazing meeting of the owner of the company kamoi with a group of women who are interested in art, the tape was created with amazing colors and patterns and since then it has taken the world by storm.

While kamoi paved the way, today, custom washi tape has many manufacturers supported by high demand.

How can you use washi tape?

There are many ways to use washi tape for your bullet journal. The list is endless, so instead of explaining all your options, here is a list of some uses for washi tape. I also want to go into more detail about some popular and useful ways to use washi tape. Interested in learning more about bullet journal hacks like this? We have a whole list of bullet journal hacks for you to check out!

  •         Planner decoration
  •         Bullet magazine decoration
  •         Planner labeling
  •         To decorate the house pot
  •         Wall decoration
  •         Home decoration
  •         Craft projects
  •         Labeling
  •         Diy stickers
  •         Decorative picture
  •         Diy picture frames
  •         & a lot!


You can add lots of color and texture to your bullet journal with washi tapes. It’s a great tool to make the boring pages on your journal pop and stand out. For example, you can use a strip of washi tape to create beautiful edges. You can also tear the tape to create rough edges to bind the theme.

However, decorating with washi tape doesn’t stop at your bullet journal of course. Washi tape is a great decorative tool and can be used to decorate anything you can think of such as walls, furniture, pots, mugs, vases, picture frames, pens, and anything else you can think of.

Tabs & bookmarks

Washi tapes can make pages look great. You can cut the string to the right length so that a small part comes out from the edge and helps you find the page. Then, use different tapes for different pages and topics.

You can also upgrade those page markers to solid page tabs. Stick washi tape on thick paper or card and cut the tab using scissors. You can also create custom tabs by combining two or more washi tapes with different patterns.

Bullet journal banners

Banners are a must for organizing topics in your bullet journal. Washi tapes can help you make it fun. Cut strips of washi tape for fun to make beautiful banners. You can cut the string with arrows placed at either end or leave a wavy pattern at both ends.

Also, you can leave the edges ragged or make a strip into a clean rectangle. The possibilities are endless.

Prepare your articles

You have a large collection of pens, pencils, highlighters, scissors, and other accessories for your bullet journal. Use washi tape to fix them and identify them. Wrap the prepared custom washi tape around your pencil or pen, or cut the tape into thin strips and wrap it around your top.

Mood trackers

If you don’t have a mood tracker in your bullet journal, you might consider creating one. It can help you see patterns of changes in your behavior based on certain days or situations. Use three or four washi tapes with different patterns for different colors. For example, red washi tape can represent anger, while pink can represent happiness. Cut the appropriate string according to your mood and write the date on the mood tracker.

Ways to store your washi tape

Once you start collecting and using your tape, you’ll want to find a way to store it effectively. The bigger your collection grows, the harder it is to protect your washi tape. Check out some of our tips for saving your washi tape below!

Pipe or dowel style

This is one of our favorite options; however, using a dowel or pipe to arrange your washi tape requires less wall space than other options. While this is a very interesting option, it works best if you have enough wall or desk space. However, using a pipe or dowel to arrange your washi tape is a very good option for displaying your tapes.

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