The Max Dam Act 5 Merc vs Max Dam Act 2 Test is used in Diablo 2 Resurrected

We’ll be comparing the Act 5 mercenary in Diablo 2 Resurrection to the Act turmeric in order to see how they compare to one another. Because we will be using the same level of fanaticism or intensity throughout this process, it is possible that a pairing will be used to make things more comparable during this process. We won’t be using the reaper’s toll setup because the decrepit curse is in favor of Act 2 mercenaries, so we’ll just be comparing raw damage values with support auras and maximum damage set up, and then we’ll do players 8 eldritch and shank run to make things more comparable, as well. With the exception of an unfavorable spawn, we will restore the elder Tron to its previous state in the event of a spawn failure. Using measures such as holy freeze, which will slow him down, and an extra spawning of surrounding monsters, which will cause him to lose his agro, we will be able to make the most accurate comparison between the max dam Act 5 merc and the max dam Act 2 test in D2R PTR 2.4.

In order to determine which is superior, when the D2R PTR Patch 2.4 is released, the Max Dam Act 5 Merc gear will be pitted against the Max Dam Act 2 gear in order to determine which is better.

As a result of the weapon’s designation as a Headstriker Conquest Sword Ohm, you may be perplexed as to why the weapon’s damage range is 165 to 331 and why this is the weapon’s highest possible damage configuration. Damage output is reduced by 1586 – 2710 as a result of an incorrect display of the damage in the tooltip. This is in contrast to the full amount of damage that would have been produced otherwise. As a result, when they use a one-handed weapon on an Act 5 mercenary, the minimum and maximum damage values are increased by a factor of two, as is the minimum and maximum damage value for all other weapons. Currently, we have a weapon equipped to the barb that has a maximum damage value of 662 and a deadly strike chance in excess of 100%, effectively doubling the amount of damage we were dealing with previously. The highest possible damage output for Act 5 mercenary should be used in conjunction with Fortitude in order to ensure that Arreat’s Face does not become slowed down during the times when we are not able to use the frozen state.

A mercenary raid on the city takes place in Act 5.
So we’ll just let him deal with players 8 and 9 without interfering with his battle orders or switching him to the main hand because he’s a nutcase about it. To make buy Diablo 2 resurrected items easier for us to compare the two images, it’s best to post one when nothing is happening, such as when he’s by himself. Consequently, players 8 and 9 are eliminated from the game. When we’ve finished setting up the Act 2 mercenaries and have received the Might Aura proc, we’ll attempt to run an 8-head dead comparison to see whether the maximum DPS setup with the Act 5 mercenaries, along with some of the changes they made, has actually made cheap Diablo 2 resurrected ladder items better or worse. The fact that his attacks are of high caliber, including a level 31 attack, the Stun ability, and the Battle Cry, as well as a good combination of support auras and the head striker set out for him, contributes to this outcome to some extent.

Act 2 deals with Mercenary Equipment, which is a type of weapon. However, while his might aura is only level 20 (as opposed to 17 in the last wish support Act 5 setup), he is wielding Fortitude, Guillaume’s Face, and Breath of the Dying War Pike, all of which are fantastic items to have on one’s character.

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