The excellent Yuvraj Singh

The list of excellent cricket players from India is quite long. Fans can enjoy various sports bets online 1xBet, which also features an excellent section dedicated to cricket. A great name to come from that part of the world is Yuvraj Singh. During his career he impressed with his talent as an all-rounder. Specifically, he was capable of playing as a left-handed batsman, and also as a slow bowler.

Singh’s career was quite prolific especially in the international arena. For example, he was recognized on seven different occasions as the best player in an ODI series. But that’s not all, because it seems that for him cricket is a family aspect. This is because he is the son of Yograj Singh. He is a former bowler also from India and also someone with a successful acting career. The 1xBet website has various options to make online sports bets, which can be made on lots of different cricket matches celebrated in India.

A career with a spectacular comeback

The professional career of Yuvraj Singh lasted between 1996 and 2019. During that time he played in countries like India, Canada and England. Fans of this sport can make online betting on cricket 1xBet, which features lots of competitions and matches from those nations.

Some of the squads that Singh represented throughout his career included:

  • Punjab;
  • the Yorkshire County Cricket Club;
  • the Royal Challengers Bangalore;
  • the Mumbai Indians;
  • and the Toronto Nationals.

Yuvraj Singh had a quite unfortunate episode in 2011. During that year, he was diagnosed with lung cancer. However, after a rigorous treatment in the USA, he managed to overcome the disease, and make a spectacular return to the sport in 2012. Punters can make online cricket betting on the cricket section of 1xBet on all the squads where Singh played throughout his career.

Great performances in international cricket

Yuvraj Singh was a middle-order batsman. However, he still made quite a contribution when batting from that position in the Indian national team and all the other squads where he played. This is because he was well-recognized for having an aggressive style, which helped his teams greatly. In India people also love kabaddi as much as cricket, and the website allows members to wager on great events.

The player had some memorable performances. For example, in a Twenty20 match against England in 2007, he was able to hit six different sixes, which is something quite difficult to achieve. But that’s not all, because he also set an incredible record by scoring 50 runs with 12 balls in Twenty20 matches too. All those variations of the game can be highly entertaining, and they can be wagered on the 1xBet website.

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