The benefits of mahjong for children and adults

Originally from China, the Mahjong game is popular in Asia. His notoriety spread throughout the rest of the world. This strategy game can be played at home, on the street or in game rooms. It consists of using tiles. It is played with 4 players, but there are single player versions. This intelligence game is beneficial for children and adults.

Development of cognitive functions

麻雀 初心者 ルール is a game for a wide audience. It’s not just for senior citizens. Young children can also enjoy this game which has many advantages. This game improves cognitive functions. It requires constant concentration throughout the game, which promotes the development of memory. The mind also becomes sharper by playing mahjong.

Sharpening the mind by training it with games allows you to react more effectively. Your reaction will be faster when you face situations. Also, decision making will be faster since you think faster when playing mahjong. The positive effects of mahjong can positively affect your everyday life. Thus, mahjong is more than just a game for entertainment. See mahjong game shanghai dynasty to play one of the best versions of mahjong.

A game for all ages

Mahjong is usually played by older people who need to pass the time. Today it has become an intelligence game for all ages. Young and old can play it to have fun and improve their cognitive faculties. Indeed, children can play mahjong alone.

This educational game is available for free online in several versions to satisfy all audiences. The web version is indeed aimed at solitary players who wish to have fun during their free time. The main advantage for children who play mahjong online is that they develop their cognitive functions while having fun. Adults can also enjoy mahjong online. You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing the version.

Playing mahjong solitaire

Whatever the version of mahjong, the game has several tiles. These are divided into sub-categories, namely:

  • Supreme Honors (8);
  • Senior Honors (12);
  • Single honors (16);
  • Circles (36);
  • Bamboos (36);
  • Characters (36)

The rules of mahjong that is played alone on a computer or mobile device are easy to understand. The object of the game is to completely clear all the tiles from the game board. The procedure to follow is to combine two by two the tiles that look alike. An active tile is a tile that is not blocked or covered.

This intelligence game may seem easy, but you need to adopt strategies. You should take the time to think carefully about the tiles you plan to eliminate. If there are several options, make the best choice to successfully remove all the tiles. By playing without strategizing, the success rate will be low. You might end up stuck if you’re not careful. Think before clearing tiles to have more possibilities during the game.

Mahjong online

You don’t need to convince three more people to play mahjong. In the digital age, this puzzle game is now available online. Several websites devoted to games intended to amuse the whole family offer mahjong. The latter is available in several versions to satisfy all lovers of this logic game. Players can play in full-screen mode for free to maximize tile visibility.

To play, just use the mouse and point to the tiles you want to match to remove them. During games, you will be focused on clearing the game board. You will not notice that you are reducing your stress level. You will be more relaxed after the games. In mahjong, there are 2 game modes. One is intended for beginners and children. The other is suitable for experienced players who know what they are doing. Strategic players have a good memory.

When you play mahjong solitaire, you are not playing against the clock. The absence of a time limit allows you to concentrate well so that at the end of each game you manage to clear the game board. Make thoughtful moves to avoid narrowing the possibilities.

Online Mahjong is available for free without downloading. You play directly from the screen. However, you must have an internet connection to enjoy the benefits of playing mahjong online. It is possible to have fun using your computer or tablet.


Mahjong, or mah-jong, is a somewhat complex game of dominoes that was invented in 1860 by the promoter of the T’ai-p’ing revolt, Hong Sieou-ts’iuen. This game enjoyed extraordinary favor in China where it quickly supplanted weï-chi (Chinese chess). It then spread to the United States around 1912 and appeared in Europe, where it was all the rage, after the First World War. A friendly board game that is more than popular throughout the Asian sphere, mahjong is unique in its kind: It is generally played by four people, with a kind of domino (called a tile) and it is a question of winning by assembling the tiles between them in order to form combinations, like Poker. But beyond the fun aspect it covers, mahjong is also a game that knows how to seduce the most demanding of players: On the one hand, the game material often benefits from a rare aesthetic quality, and on the other hand, the way of playing plunges us straight into the exoticism of distant and mysterious China.


The mahjong game consists of 144 dominoes called tiles. In quality games, the tile is shaped like a small prism, about the size of a common domino. The back is often in bone and the face in ivory. On this face, a symbol, finely carved, in color, characterizes the tile. The 144 tiles of the mahjong game are distributed as follows:

Before the start of the mahjong game, each player is given marked chips, each representing a certain number of points. Classically, a player has, at the start of the game, 1,000 points. These tokens will be used for settlements between players at the end of each move. Each player plays for his own account.

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