Taking A Look At Some of the Fortnite Leaks Ahead

For years, Fortnite has evolved into this one-stop-shop for almost everything pop culture-related. Whether the people love it or hate it, the battle royale genre has become more than just a video game where everybody tries their best to become the ultimate victor – developers are now trying to add more stuff to make the experience relatively unique the other video games like it. With the battle royale market becoming more saturated than ever, game developers have to come up with something creative if they want their product to sell like hotcakes. Fortnite was one of the first battle royale games that blew up when it was released. Battling for the top spot of being the most played BR against other competitors such as H1Z1 and PUBG, Fortnite managed to stay in the race while the others faltered. This is due in part to the many collaborations that Epic has managed to snag for the Fortnite Item shop. Huge collabs and crossovers such as with the recent Avengers: Endgame series and even popular real-life characters like Lebron James played a big part in giving a reason for gamers to keep their Fortnite accounts for another day. Players can expect more of these to pop up throughout Fortnite’s lifespan, but what does are specifically, they’re not entirely sure – which is why Fortnite leakers and data miners have become a vital source for info and inside news about what or who’s going to come next in Fortnite.

A Collab with Ariana Grande Isn’t Off the Table

Save your tears for another day, because there are huge leaks that are pointing towards an upcoming Ariana Grande concert that’s bound to happen in the future. Thanks to the leaks shared by the moderators of the r/Fortniteleaks Reddit page, they divulged a lump of information that appears to come from someone with inside knowledge about the upcoming plans for Fortnite are. One of the headlines from the leak is that there’s a concert planned sometime soon for Ariana Grande. Now, concerts aren’t exactly an unusual occurrence in Fortnite these days. With high-profile artists and musicians already visiting the world of Fortnite to blast their tunes via in-game concerts, it’s safe to say that Epic Games has managed to hit the jackpot with its implementation of virtual concerts – there have even been statements and rumors that Travis Scott has made tens of millions of dollars after his Astronomical event. At one point in 2020, Fortnite had plans to have Ariana Grande and even Lady Gaga based on the court documents from the Epic vs. Apple trial. Besides those, other elements were originally planned for 2020 that arrived at a later date than planned (one of those was the Lebron James outfit). If an Ariana Grande concert were to happen though, this could potentially mean millions of new players are going to make Fortnite accounts solely for the in-game concert.

Anime Characters Could Be Coming to Fortnite Soon

Naruto might just be the next Fortnite crossover that’s about to happen and if so, anime fans can finally jump for joy. The popular Japanese manga and anime character, Naruto, is one of the most high-requested characters that fans want to come to Fortnite alongside the cast of characters from Demon Slayer, an anime and manga that has gained a lot of traction over the past year. Should the rumors prove to be accurate, a potential Fortnite x Naruto collab could be coming next season. According to the leaks, the Naruto skin will be released as part of the seasonal Battle Pass that players are no doubt familiar with. Courtesy of a Fortnite leaker on Twitter called Jthejox101 though, this information can be subject to change. This is because Epic Games still doesn’t have the right to use the Naruto license. In fact, should this become a reality, this will be Epic’s first foray into the anime scene. Fortnite has managed to collab with a couple of video game characters such as Kratos from the God of War games and Master Chief from the Halo franchise, but those aren’t necessarily anime-related. Unfortunately, the Naruto leak is believed to be far from the truth, as it’s hard to assume that the collab will come the next season despite the deal is still in the negotiation stages with the date of the next season creeping close.

In A Nutshell

As with all of the leaks and rumors running around in Fortnite, gamers should keep in mind to take everything with a grain of salt. Fortnite is a game that is no stranger to leaks. With so much interest in the behind-the-scenes of the game, some fans would be willing to even data mine the details of what could potentially come to their beloved battle royale. Between the Ariana Grande concert and the Naruto crossover though, it’s clear that the Ariana Grande collab is more plausible. What do you think? Are there rumors too good to be true or could they become a reality in the Fortnite Item shop? Let us know down below.

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