Take Flights to South Africa and Enjoy Stupefying Safaris

Travellers contemplate booking tickets for South Africa to explore the know-how of the ancient cultures, feel the splendour of sun-kissed beaches, discover the fun of safaris and experience the amazing nightlife. This country promises to entice foodies with the mouth-watering cuisines and tempts with some world-class wines.

Amidst the gamut of enticements in the country, it is no denying the fact that it is the wildlife that scores maximum number of points with vacationers. Unsurprisingly, numerous safari operators provide different safari options, allowing travellers to explore the region’s exotic wildlife in style!

Budget Safaris

Discovering different cultures and superb game viewing without spending a bomb is a dream of many travellers taking cheap flights to South Africa. With endless budget safari options even the travellers on a shoe-string budget can partake in South African Safari experience.

Luxury Safaris

The luxury safaris offer the lavishness of South African holidays with unending adventure opportunities even for the most discerning travellers taking flights to South Africa. The accommodation provided is amongst the finest lodgings and the safaris are conducted under expert guidance to provide ultimate safety and lavishness.

Family Safari

For families taking flights to South Africa, a family safari tour offers the finest game viewing experience. The abundance of different wildlife areas add immensely to the popularity of family safaris. The accommodation ranges from budget lodging to luxury fittings as per the requirements.

Options for South African Safari

It is prudent for travellers taking flights to South Africa to analyse the options for a South African safari as they are much diverse.

Flying Options

Numerous South African safaris involve flying from one camp’s flight-strip to the next. Flying is understandably the major highlights of these safaris as it offers a chance to take in the panoramic vistas of the country while flying from one camp to another.

Canoe Options

This safari option lures wildlife enthusiasts to spend their time in permanent or mobile-tented camps amidst the natural backwoods. This traditional safari option includes travel by road or canoe.

Private Guide Options

These sorts of safari services provide expert guides for travellers who wish to include the services of a naturalist, photographer or birder to lead the group. Travellers taking cheap flights to South Africa often choose this option to enrich their safari experience with the expertise of the guide.

Private Vehicle Options

Travellers, who wish to enjoy photography and game watching in their own way opt for private vehicle for a safari tour. This is a much more private affair and enables the enthusiast to enjoy an uninterrupted safari experience.

Top Cities for Safari Tours

Different South African cities have different experiences for the travellers. Take a look at top cities of the country that not only feature great safari tours but also offer various other attractions.


Johannesburg is an interesting regional cultural pot boiler. This cultural capital of South Africa spoils tourists for choices with eclectic shopping, vibrant nightlife and delectable cuisines. As the city’s international airport offers flights directly to almost all major attractions, from coastal towns to safari reserves, numerous safari tours are initiated from Johannesburg.

Cape Town

Cape Town offers magnificent natural attractions, vibrant cultures and numerous exciting activities. This ‘Mother City’ is a perfect place to relax, gather strength, Flight from Cape Town to East London be inspired and venture out for South African Safari fun!


Ticket to Durban offers a rare chance of an unforgettable South Africa Safari experience in some of country’s most acclaimed safari parks. A safari tour in Durban is an absolute treat for people.

Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth, ‘the Friendly City’, is one of the major tourist hotspots of this country. Miles of sandy stretches, emerald-blue water and glassy waves enthral beachgoers to plan holidays here. While this city enthrals marine-life enthusiasts with its teeming coral reefs, shipwrecks and wonderful underwater life, safari-lovers get spoilt for choices with the numerous wildlife reserves around Port Elizabeth.

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