Sold! 4 Insider Tips on How to Be a Great Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent

Are you part of the 52% of American workers who are thinking about changing jobs this year? If you’re looking for flexibility and the opportunity to work with people, consider getting your real estate license.

But, do you know how to be a great real estate agent? You’re in the right place for help.

Keep reading to learn the best tips to follow to become a real estate agent doing a job that you love.

1. Learn Everything You Can About Your Market

When you’re a successful real estate agent, your clients will have peace of mind that they can rely on you to have special knowledge about the area and the health of your local real estate market.

But, before you can become that resource, you must do your research. Start by getting your real estate license from a reputable estate academy like

Once you’re licensed, you’ll need to pay attention to current market conditions and monitor how they change. You should also research comps and learn how to anticipate changes in the market so you can be the best possible agent for your clients.

2. Find a Mentor

One of the qualities of a great real estate agent is knowing when to ask for help. You won’t be an expert from day one, so find a trusted mentor who can help show you the ropes.

By working with a mentor, you can get on-the-job training by learning about the systems and processes they have in place. From there, you can figure out what works for you.

While real estate is a competitive industry by nature, there will always be more experienced agents looking to serve as a mentor to new agents like you, if you seek them out.

3. Embrace Technology

Let’s face it: technology isn’t going anywhere. So, you might as well embrace what it can do for your real estate career! Consider finding an email marketing platform that has “drip” messaging options, where you can set up automated email messages to go out to people when you add them to your mailing lists.

Similarly, you can use social media to share information about upcoming open houses and to drum up interest in new properties. You never know if your followers will share a post that resonates with one of their friends, which can bring you new clients.

Finally, you should have a robust website that shows all of your available properties and has easy ways for potential clients to contact you.

4. Take the Time to Network

As a real estate agent, your success relies on leads. While a lot of leads will come from word-of-mouth recommendations, you can’t rely on that when you’re first starting out.

Instead, attend networking events to make connections with those in your area. And, don’t just use these opportunities to look for potential clients. Look for connections you can make with other professionals, like home stagers or inspection companies. You can form a mutually beneficial relationship, where you each recommend each other to potential customers.

Now You Know How to Be a Great Real Estate Agent

After reading these tips on how to be a great real estate agent, you have the knowledge you need to start your new career!

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