Situations in Which an Immigration Lawyer Can Assist

More than 1 million individuals immigrate to the United States every year for different purposes. Some of the most common reasons for choosing to immigrate include pursuing advanced academic studies, careers, and dependent visas. 

A considerable number of people come to the United States for short-term business trips and tourism purposes. Regardless of why you wish to embark on a U.S. immigration journey, whether for temporary purposes or to settle permanently, the process can be arduous depending on the circumstances.

Getting permission to enter another country can be quite difficult. U.S. immigration laws, in particular, are complicated and leave open the opportunity to make mistakes in the process if you do not know the rules for applying. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) governs the procedures with which foreigners who see legal entry to America must comply.

If you are considering moving to Pennsylvania, contacting an immigration lawyer in Philadelphia can be a smart place to start your application process. Immigration lawyers play an instrumental role in guiding individuals through the immigration process and helping them avoid common hassles along the way. Hiring an experienced immigration attorney can save you time and money, in addition to decreasing your aggravation. Outlined below are some of the reasons why it is important to consider enlisting an immigration attorney’s assistance.

  • Applying for a visa after an initial rejection. Many people face rejections when they first apply for immigrant visas or nonimmigrant visas. A lawyer who has significant experience with immigration laws and communicating with USCIS can review your previous application and help you avoid those same mistakes on your subsequent filing. A seasoned visa attorney will have extensive knowledge of immigration law and any loopholes that can improve your chances of securing an approval. In your subsequent attempts to gain entry to the United States, a qualified immigration lawyer can help to expedite your application and improve your chances of securing a visa.
  • Seeking a green card. If you are trying to secure a green card after entering the United States on a previous visa, an attorney who focuses their practice on immigration is crucial to improving your chances of success. An attorney with a great deal of experience representing clients who seek green cards will know the rules regarding when to apply and how to properly complete the application.
  • Securing B1 and B2 visas for short-term trips. When you seek a B1 or B2 visa, an experienced lawyer can help you confirm which type of visa is appropriate for your purposes, as well as expedite the process so you can ensure USCIS will review your application within an appropriate time frame.
  • Seeking immigration with a previous criminal record. When you apply for an immigrant or nonimmigrant visa, you are required to disclose to USCIS whether you have been charged or convicted of a crime in your home country or anywhere else in the world. Hiding such a fact from USCIS can lead to your deportation, as immigration officers can access this information. 

If you provide all of the details regarding your criminal record to your immigration lawyer, they will be able to determine whether you are eligible to secure a U.S. visa and, if so, guide you on how to complete an application that boosts your chances of approval.

If you have ever had difficulties applying for a previous visa, or you do not know enough about the process to complete a visa application on your own, it is important to consider engaging an experienced immigration lawyer in Philadelphia who can improve your chances of approval. Investing in a seasoned immigration lawyer can be an investment in your future.

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