Reasons why you should care about email tracking and analytics

We’ve all been there: sent an email, waited impatiently for a response, and had no clue whether the receiver had opened and read it. Email monitoring is the only method to get rid of all that confusion. Tracking emails is a cinch, as we’ll show you below.

A follow-up email may be tempting if you’ve been waiting for a long period. But how early is too early? How can you know if they’ve already seen it and simply haven’t responded?

In order to make better, more informed business choices, you may use email activity tracking to monitor whether a recipient has opened an email that you’ve sent. Real-time email tracking lets you know exactly who is reading your messages and who isn’t.

Are you allowed to Track Emails?

You certainly are. You can now monitor emails directly within Gmail with or an email activity tracking software. If you use our email tracking tool, you can keep tabs on the following.

  • When someone opens one of your emails
  • When were they going to be open
  • What devices do your receivers use to open the email
  • Where was the email opened
  • Whatever links are visited in the email’s body.

Where Can I Find Out More About Email Tracking?

The most common way software tracks emails are by attaching a small pixel image that is invisible to the recipient. Images are loaded from servers when the email is opened, and this data is logged. When the sender receives notification that their email has been opened, they are in the know.

What are the advantages of tracking emails?

Keeping track of email openings has several advantages, including the following:

  • There is less need for follow-up emails since you already know whether or not the receiver has opened your email.
  • If your emails aren’t being opened, you may want to reduce the number of emails you send in the future.
  • Is real-time tracking possible? When you know the receiver is checking their email, you may send follow-up emails.
  • People are more interested in what you have to say if you know that they’ve opened your email many times during a 24-hour period. When the iron is hot, it’s time to strike.

The Advantages of Email Tracking in business

Email may have a huge influence on your company’s growth; there’s no doubting it. Email marketing has an overall ROI of 4,300% and is particularly effective when attempting to acquire new clients.

Unfortunately, there are several reasons why your investment isn’t paying off. For starters, your emails may not be hitting their inbox, and you won’t be aware of this unless you’re keeping track of them yourself.

In terms of email ROI, deliverability is everything. It’s critical to find out whether the recipient’s email provider is rejecting your emails or classifying them as spam. Keeping track of your emails might help you make better business choices when it comes to expanding your client base.

You can customize your answers and improve your email campaign rhythm if you know how many times your client received the email, how many times they clicked on the content, and how long they stayed on the page.

How Email Tracking Can Help You Grow Your Business

Instantaneous results are one of the most appealing aspects of using email monitoring. As soon as you get the right information, you may take immediate action to improve your chances of making a sale or arranging a meeting or even just initiating a discussion. Along with who opened and when, you can also find out what device they’re using and whether any of the links in your sales deck, landing page, or bespoke quotation were really clicked on.

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