Product tracking with a GPS is safe, yes.

Tracking of goods is essential to any logistics business, big or small. They are tracking where the goods are, helping to build confidence and safety for the product.

Traditionally, tracing a cargo or protecting it in a transportation system can cost a lot of people, time, and money. But nowadays, there is an innovation in checking the coordinates of vehicles used to transport goods. It is also an innovation that the private sector can use comfortably: a ‘GPS tracking system’ or GPS Tracking System. Let’s get to know it a bit better.

How good is product tracking with GPS?

In most cases, the freight Is transported by cars or vehicles such as trucks, vans, pickup trucks, planes, or boats. These vehicles must travel through the route of each type. This may always cause problems or unexpected things. Therefore, tracking the vehicles carrying cargo is very important.

Generally, GPS devices come in a form that can be installed anywhere, a box that can receive signals and send signals to the network to show their location. But they are expensive and may be inconvenient to use. for example, Always check to ensure the battery is ready for use. In the case of having to be attached to the product, It needs to be installed and removed every time it is shipped.

Therefore, tracking by checking the transported vehicles. It is the main body for easier and faster tracking. Time installation can track the vehicle at all times. If I want to find my phone location by number, it will help me.

Type of GPS device

There are three types of vehicle-mounted GPS devices, all of which are connected to both ground stations and satellites. It differs from the connection to the Internet to send information to the establishment.

Offline devices

It is a device that does not work through the Internet travel information Will be stored in the GPS when the vehicle comes back to the establishment. The establishment has to connect the device to the computer to check the history of the past trip. It is a type of GPS that can’t tell the vehicle’s location in real-time (real-time).

This type of device is cheap less secure than others; therefore, it is suitable for general tracking products such as distribution business (transmission lines).

Semi-offline devices

The GPS devices installed on these vehicles have a Simcard built into them. When an establishment wants to know the location of a vehicle can use a smartphone to order the device to send the coordinates of the vehicle The smartphone will send commands via the Internet. or via the telephone network to the device.

Then the device will send the coordinates back. It could be via the Internet or SMS over the telephone network. Semi-offline devices are moderately priced. Can check vehicle location in real-time, suitable for tracking products that customers may ask when the products will arrive. Such businesses such as private postal businesses.

Online device

The GPS device will send data to the server via the Internet. The business can then use a smartphone, PDA, or PC to view the vehicle location in real-time at any time via the Internet. Online devices are suitable for tracking goods that require a high level of security, such as transportation of money: gold or gems.

It Helps increase the safety of the product.

Because the system can be set to alerts to smartphones, PDAs, or PCs if the car goes off the track or speeds beyond the company’s speed limit, the company can also hear conversations in the car for some GPS models.

GPS tracking is the use of space technology to determine the coordinates of vehicles used to transport goods. Therefore, it is a device that significantly increases the product’s safety, according to the concept, easy to use, convenient, safe, yes!

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