Online Course’s Curriculum Development

When learners choose an online course after browsing through thousands and thousands of courses, they choose it because of its course contents. Learners always select that course which fulfils their learning needs and teaches them new skills. However, very few people think about the work done to create a whole curriculum for an online course, as the best courses don’t just go up on selling online courses platform automatically. 

In this article, you are going to know about the aspects of the course curriculum that a teacher, educator and an online course developer should keep in mind while creating a course. Keep reading to know.

Know the Course Outcome you want: The first and foremost thing that teachers need to decide before creating a curriculum for the course is what their learners and their audience want from the course. You need to find out what is the problem that the learners are facing, and what new knowledge or skill they want to learn. The main purpose of online courses is to provide the facilities for learning to the learners with more flexibility than the offline courses and in lesser time. So when you have figured out the problems of the learners and audience, then you can be a step toward creating an outline of the course curriculum. 

Know Your Audience: Just having the vision to solve the problem of learners is not going to create an awesome course, for that you need to know about your audience very well. Before deciding what you are going to add to your course, see whether your audience even needs those content or not. For that ask your audience to give their opinions and tell their expectations from the course. Teachers can use several tools to understand their audience, first teachers can use social media on which they can conduct audience polls, another way is to make an e-mail list and send emails to your specific audience to tell them about your course. For example: if you are creating an online course for a resume writing course, then you need to focus on the freshers and college-going students who need guidance to write their first resume or if you want to create a resume writing course for a specific audience like resume course for professionals with gap-years, or people who are changing their industry. Then you need to focus on those people and connect with those who are related to the same background for whom you want to create the course.

Do the Research of Learning Material: Now that you have got the opinion, and the views of your targeted audience now you need to collect relevant and promising learning material for the course. And to do so teachers need to do lots of research work, they need to read books, articles, and research papers and then pen down their conclusions. After collecting the learning material teachers also have to create assessments like quizzes, question- answers, worksheets etc for the evaluation of the students. When all this is done teachers need to organize all these files, and documents properly so that when the final draft of the online course is being drawn everything is available when needed.

Determine the Time-frame of the course: As we discussed above online course provides learners with the flexibility of time and pace than offline courses. That’s why while creating the curriculum of the course teachers need to keep this in mind that the pace of the course completion is comfortable enough for the learners but at the same time, it should not drag on for too long to make it tedious and typical like offline courses for the learners. In this fast-paced world where everyone is juggling multiple tasks in their life, the new age learners search for such course which provides them with good content to gain knowledge and skills in less time than the conventional ways of learning. 

Method of Delivery: All the things you have done come down to how you present your course, presentation plays an important role in the virtual world. How to sell online courses if you are not able to present the content of the course understandably. 

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