NBA 2K22 Gameplay Changes, MyPlayer Seasonal Content, Improvements & Removes

Less than 3 weeks before the NBA 2K22 is released, 2K Sports graced us with some sneak peeks of changes to the gameplay for the new basketball simulator. So with this post, we are going to go over that and other tidbits that have been gathered over the past few weeks to get you up to speed on 2K 22’s latest developments.

1. 95 to 99 Rating System Removed in Next Gen

The most surprising thing wasn’t the fact that the 95 to 99 rating system that will cause you to drop rating is removed from Next Gen 2K is that it’s still in place for Current Gen players, as there will be different systems in place for each generation’s console. Like what really was holding back removing the system a lot of people hated from both.

2. Seasonal Animation Content for your MyPlayer

There will be seasonal animation content for your MyPlayer, where some of the content will be season exclusive encouraging players to use signature moves that they otherwise may not have kept using, to keep the game fresh all year long, which is the way to combat moves being overpowered and used all year. This possibly can lock a bunch of things away from gamers that they’ve been using for years at the start just in the name of keeping the game fresh. Similar to the Seasons in MYTEAM which will bring more rewards to help you save money to buy NBA 2K22 MT for high rated players.

3. Animations Tied To Archetype

Now animations will also be tied to how big your player is instead of their position, which that is a big win it’s something many players have been asking for, and their plan is to release the same signature animations on both gens and new jump shot landings will be added as well.

4. Big Changes on Shooting

For shooting, there will be a couple surprises we’ll be introduced to a new shop meter once again, and turning the shot meter off will also give you a boost to your shooting percentages like it always has. Now two things have confirmed to be removed, the vibration shot Q is gone and shot aiming as a whole has been removed from NBA 2K22, which is probably a big bummer to those who actually sat down and got used to it, but zen uses them all right. And the defensive coverage will matter a lot more this year in terms of the likelihood of a player making a shot, there will be more info on that in the upcoming quartzite report which should be within this week if you really think about it.

Now we heard a little while back that there will be a completely revamped shot contest and block system highlighting a whole new arsenal at our disposal, so with them focusing more on the defensive coverage and the revamped shock contest system, we may have something here to look forward to or they mess around and make shooting 100 times easier, it could go either way.

5. Changes on Dribbling

As for dribbling, it will emulate NBA 2K20 more so than NBA 2K21 control wise with new moves and combos that will be introduced as well. With stamina receiving a major change as the new system will penalize players, more based on high effort dribble moves and contact dunks now. We feel we hear this stuff every 2K and it doesn’t really matter in the end, so we guess we are going to put our clown mask on and hope for actual big changes to this

And lastly current and next gen will be a lot more similar on the court this year, compared to last but we still can’t get cross gen. Now with all that is 2k really making you go out day one and instantly buy the game or are you worried about the lack of news that 2k 22 is basically going to be a copy and paste, let us know in the comments down below and stay tuned here UTPLAY.COM online for more NBA 2K content.

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