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One of the great curiosities of the online casino is that it has its own jargon in which there are all kinds of very particular casino words and expressions. Players use them naturally among themselves, although it is true that many of them would be completely incomprehensible to those who do not play.

Today we want to delve into the most used phrases in roulette and other casino games so that you begin to familiarize yourself with all of them. The roulette may be the best known, but we can assure you that there are many other expressions that will be of help to you. Be that as it may, do not lose sight of the fact that you should always enjoy online casino games with the utmost responsibility.

No more

This is an expression that you will hear very often in all kinds of online roulette, including live roulette. This expression has to do with the characteristic that roulette shares with other games of applying a specific limit on your bets. The croupier of roulette is in charge of saying that “no more” at the moment in which the maximum amount established in advance is reached.

With this expression, the dealer is indicating that from that moment no more bets will be validated, so the game will be limited to those that have been admitted until then. Any player who has wanted to bet thereafter will have to wait for the next game round.

Place your bets

With this expression, the period in which the casino allows users to place bets is opened. It is an expression that has greater importance than it may seem since there are game modes, such as Quantum roulette in which you cannot bet when it is spinning or when the dealer is dealing the cards.

Players should know that they can only proceed to place their bets after hearing this “place your bets”. In this way, they will be sure that they have done them correctly.


Risk is something that must be taken into account when playing any of the casino modalities that we have on our UFA website. As we always recommend, these risks should not be high, but even so, there are players who decide to bet high amounts. This is the All In, a decision that is more common in the different online poker modalities available. When a player decides to go all in, they are most likely either holding a really powerful hand of cards, or they are bluffing in order to break down their opponents’ resistance.

The truth is that we are facing one of the most well-known expressions by all within the context of poker. It may be because of its high effectiveness or because of the expectation that its use arouses, but the fact of betting all the chips seems to have a great magnetism for everyone.

Shake hands

This is one of the main functions of dealers in different online casino games. To cite a few examples, this action is performed in poker or blackjack. Of paramount importance in the development of the game, the croupiers are always in charge of this task and it consists of giving each player the cards with which they will try to win the hand and achieve the prize that corresponds to them.

The action of shaking hands is common to several games, but each of them can have its own particularities regarding the number of cards, the direction in which they are dealt…

Double or nothing

It is an expression that is used more frequently in online blackjack. Its origin seems to be in losers who challenged whoever had just beaten them again to try to recover their losses or pay off their debts.

With the expression “double or nothing” a reference is born to a movement of enormous risk, which is made after having lost. When this happens, the winner is told “double or nothing” with which they are taking the risk of losing twice what they just lost, or, on the contrary, recovering twice the amount wagered. It is one of the casino expressions that have transcended the most in the online casino world since it has been used in many other areas.

An ace up his sleeve

Like the one we just looked at, this expression is also in frequent use far beyond the casino context. We can use it with different meanings, but it is a phrase that almost everyone already knows. On the one hand, it can indicate that someone is cheating in the game or in other contexts and that he hides that ace to pull it out when it suits him best.

Along with this, it can also have the meaning of having an alternative plan for something. It refers to the fact that the person has another strategy or plan for when he may need it.

His die is cast

Many may be thinking that it is not an expression born or coined in the casino world, but it is also true that it is widely used in roulette wheels as powerful as Live Lightning Roulette. In this context, this expression is used when the bets have already been placed on roulette and all that remains is to wait for the ball to stop on a specific number or color. 

In online poker, it is also used after the dealing of the cards by the dealer. In all these cases, what this phrase indicates is that the player can no longer do anything to change the course of the game other than waiting to see what fate decides.

Play only what you can lose

By now, you all know Casino Barcelona’s commitment to safe gaming, so this expression is ideal to remind you of it again. Players should never risk amounts of money that they cannot afford to lose.

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