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Iconic Italian brand Kartell has established itself as a market leader in plastics manufacturing since its inception in 1949. Using the wisdom of understanding of both materials and technological innovations, Kartell recreated plastics. Transformed from industrial materials into an amazing piece of manufacturing, Kartell’s plastic products made their mark in the 1960s by introducing a design that works in everyday life, on a timely basis. Inspired by a strong desire for decorative value and durable type, Kartell continues to experiment with new designs and styles. Pushing design boundaries and combining plastics with a variety of finishes, Kartells products transform pieces aimed at making a luxury and more sought after home design. Find one of Kartell’s most valuable & best-selling designs: The Bourgie Lamp …

Classic Designs – Louis Ghost Chair

The iconic Louis Ghost Chair, created by one of the world’s most famous designers, Philippe Starck, remains one of Kartell’s most recognizable pieces. Constantly updated in color and finish, but maintained with old-fashioned lines, the design remains intact. A striking example of a single plastic design to be made, an elegant chair takes inspiration from the construction of 16th century Italy and emphasizes the unique baroque design with modern design. The choice of clear finish makes it look attractive in a wide range of interiors and creates a space-saving look for everyday use.

Masters Chair

Winning the Red Dot Design Award, creative designer Philippe Starck combined his talents with designer Eugeni Quitllet to recreate three historic iconic chairs from 20th century designers. Consequences; the famous Kartell Masters Chair. The Masters Chair offers a shocking tribute to the iconic Series 7 by Arne Jacobsen, the best-selling chair in history, combined with the iconic carpenter Tulip Armchair with Eero Saarinen and the Eiffel Chair by Charles Eames. Encouragingly thought-provoking, the rear-facing combines these three silhouettes through open and empty spaces, using curved lines to create a new, modern dignity, truly adding complexity and elegance to the home.

Armchair Joe Colombo

The Kartell Museum in Milan exhibits state-of-the-art designs including the 4801 armchair, one of the museum’s most iconic pieces. The Armchair Joe Colombo pays homage to the 48801 armchair. A design notable since the 1960s, award-winning Italian designer Joe Colombo made his mark on Kartell history making the only piece ever made of quality to be made entirely from wood. Released in 2011 with a tribute to its founder and converted into the famous Kartell plastic, the Armchair Joe Colombo is now manufactured using state-of-the-art technology to ensure that the original curved lines are redesigned.


To stand the test of time, Anna Castelli Ferrieri’s Componibili was first developed in 1967 as a possible fragment to fit any lifestyle. Find a successful, durable, compact pieces that make up a functional and attractive stackable appliance, ideal bathroom, living room and office interior. In recognition of its innovative design, Componibili was exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and at the Center George Pompidou in Paris. While red, white, black and matt silver are the most popular songs, the gold metal, silver and bronze variations added to the collection to preserve the pre-eminent style that the chair was famous for in the beginning.


Kartell transforms lighting with stunning designs, energy-saving lights and eco-friendly culture. Ferruccio Laviani’s creation of the Burgie Lantern in 2004 shows an unparalleled character like Kartell’s. As one of Europes leading designers, Laviani also visits old table lamps and converts high-quality furniture. Bourgie reflects modern light on the best; 17th-18th century European design influences outstanding baroque base and distinctive distinctive lighting fixtures. The combination of form, economy and culture and technology resulting in great success from its production and remains one of Kartell’s best-selling pieces, a character also opposed by the importation of colorful frames and the dramatic increase in copper.

Unique Production Injection molding process

Kartell is proud of its innovation and is the world’s leading vaccine maker. Considered in a wide range of materials, this design allows the entire seat to be manufactured from a single piece of plastic. This innovative process enables each product to remain intact and extremely robust yet highly flexible. Thermoplastics is combined with other ingredients to enhance this performance and extend the longevity of your Kartell product. Due to this special injection molding system, all products made from polycarbonate can have seam lines. 

These lines simply connect the markers where the plastics meet inside the mold and are part of this luxury design. Other mold scars can be seen where the plastic is cooled at different prices within the mold, this is common to the chosen creative method. While still wearing amazing, please note that small scars will occur through everyday use.

Store your Kartell products

It remains relevant for everyday life, a large number of portable Kartell chairs and thus ideal for any luxury interior regardless of size. Unlike other design chairs, Kartell lowers the room required to maintain any excess chairs easily and simply. Please be careful not to overdo it as the colors may move from one product to another. Please refer to the details of each chair for detailed information.

To ensure the longevity of your Kartell piece, it is recommended that the following cleaning advice be made to maintain your design. To clean plastics, use a soft damp cloth with soap or bath water soaked in water. Always avoid the following products: acetone, trichlorethylene, ethyl, or alcohol. Detergent with any of these indicators may cause irreversible damage to your Kartell product. A soft cloth is recommended as this prevents the build-up of dust, avoid abrasive solvents, cleaning powders and creams, yarn or rough cloth sponges.

Please be careful not to pull any objects over your Kartell seat, as sharp objects can cause plastic damage. On top of that, never place hot plates directly on any part of Kartell.

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