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Jannat Zubair – The Most Successful Influencer

India has witnessed a tremendous social media revolution in the past years, So much so that all big brands and businesses opt for short video apps as platforms for their advertisement and branding purposes. All big celebs want to be on social media as it generates revenue. Short video platforms have opened up a new economy for creators and influencers. Television stars also are on short video platforms engaging their fans and audiences.

The creator’s economy has grown many folds and is expected to grow. There are a vast number of creators making content daily, and all genres of content are available today. By watching it, you can learn and get all the inspiration you need. People are putting out everything on social media, their lives out there in innovative, new, and creative ways that one can draw inspiration from them instantly.

Jannat Zubair Rahmani was one of the most famous Tik Tok stars who started her career as a child artist in 2009 and became popular with her television show Phulwa in 2011. In the same year, she won the Indian telly award for best child artist female category for her show Phulwa. In September 2019, she had 10 million followers on Tik Tok and was also India’s leading video creator. She unveiled the Tik Tok Queen song featuring Virus and Brown Gal to celebrate this achievement and milestone.

Jannat is a 21-year-old artist and influencer based out of Mumbai, enjoying a whooping 49 million followers across Youtube and Instagram. Jannat, who got her first break in 2011, started posting on social media in 2015. She shared that her fans were the inspiration for her becoming an influencer. Jannat said she enjoyed sharing things that happened with her fans, whether a hectic work day or a relaxed, casual day at home. This was the initial inspiration for her to take up her role as an influencer seriously. Jannat is the country’s leading content creator in the present day. Jannat doesn’t use any specific post as a reference; instead, she thinks back on her last post and aims at going beyond that standard and creating content that viewers will like while also thinking of new innovative ways to produce content.

Jannat feels that being an influencer lets her connect openly and freely on social media platforms, and that’s the best part about being an influencer. She is open to constructive criticism; hence, after posting a video, she reviews the audience’s reactions, likes, and dislikes and makes sure to work on them. This way, Jannat interacts with her audience and communicates her message through content. She focuses on creating positive, authentic content that resonates with the viewers and carries the essence of the video in their lives. Influencers are not restricted to creating videos but also interact with viewers, meet new brands and innovative people they can collaborate with, and make a difference—young influencers like Jannat partner with brands mainly based on viewers’ understanding and what they appreciate, also how collaborating with brands will produce authentic content. Collaborating with brands with a purpose and wish to make the world a better place in little or large ways is critical.

Jannat Zubair is a young creator who inspires other creators and consistently adds up to changing the game of social media marketing. On Hipi, Jannat shares fun dance videos with her brother, Lip sync videos, and gives us a glimpse of her real and reel life. She always tries to balance what the viewers will resonate with and what resonates with you.

To create good content and flourish as an influencer, one has to be original, Honest, and open as one can be and enjoy the creative space. The increasing use of short video apps is helping celebrities and influencers gain popularity and build a career online. Hipi is a platform that is increasingly gaining popularity among the young crowd of the nation because of its unique features.

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