It is time to make the move from Genting casino to online casinos, here’s why

Ask any Malaysians where they go to gamble and they will tell you, it’s Genting. Genting Highlands is the most famous tourist attraction spot in Malaysia, with thousands of visitors heading on top of the mountain to enjoy some good slot games, table games like roulette and poker, plus even a wheel of fortune game. The attraction of a casino located on top of a mountain is certainly undeniable, but we are here to argue that there are better alternatives out there, especially in this day and age.

The Online Casino Industry

Without a doubt, the online gaming industry is expanding and improving in both size and quality. With trusted online casinos popping up left and right, it is estimated that the size of the online gambling business in 2022 would exceed 60 billion dollars worldwide. This sends a rippling effect that might just change the lives of Malaysian gamblers. Indeed, individuals continue to engage in online leisure activities that make use of new technologies, and now this technology is available everywhere, yet Malaysians still struggle to keep up. More than half of Malaysian gamblers still choose to go to Genting to gamble, it might be due to arrogance or ignorance of the new wave that is online casinos.

Less convenient

The accessibility of online casinos is far greater when compared to a casino situated on top of a mountain. The roads leading up to it are long, the cable cars are often jam packed with visitors resulting in queues that can stay stagnant for hours on end. Additionally, at the casino itself, seats are frequently few, and the pace might be excessively fast in this environment. When it comes to internet casinos, all these troubles are a thing in the past. No waiting time, no queues, fast transaction speed and no gaming limits, less distractions, plus quick access at any time of day have made online casinos such an attractive alternative. 

Low Accessibility

The casino up at Genting Highlands is frequently connected with a notion of social class, as only the wealthy are permitted to enter. Modern players have great expectations of themselves. Instead of approaching the casino on their own, a new generation of gambling enthusiasts want to be solicited by them instead. It should come as no surprise that with poor local accessibility, Genting casino is slowly losing its competitive edge in the casino industry. The fact that Genting Highlands is still practically impossible to reach without making a special trip up a dangerous winding road to get there should come as no surprise. Because there is sufficient room on the virtual blackjack table for all participants, online operators are not concerned about this issue. Apart from that, you may spend as much time as you like playing slots, avoiding large lines at the machine you choose. If only it were possible to win a jackpot while still taking pleasure in the relaxing ambience of a genuine casino.

High expenses at the resort

Running a resort and casino at Genting Highlands, one is burdened with three enormous fees: royalties, start-up and software charges, not to mention the costs of the building on top of a mountain. When all of these are factored in it should be no wonder that the expenses at Genting Highlands are insane, it has definitely become a hellish experience for Malaysians looking for a more affordable gambling experience. This explains why there had been such a large shift of crowd from physical casinos to online casinos in the past few years, online casinos simply offer an experience that is not only better, but also cheaper to gamblers. It is impossible to overstate the significance of an affordable gambling experience, and online casinos had made this possible because everything from basic website activity to payment processing to account administration and marketing campaigns is supported by this system of records. Maintenance expenses are kept to a bare minimum, and online gaming software comes in abundance and high quality.

Unique and special promotions exclusive only to online casinos

In terms of communication, advertising, and tracking capabilities, internet casinos are light years ahead of Genting. Online casinos such as Mega888 and Maxim88 offer so many exclusive and unique bonuses to their members, while all these features are absent from physical casinos such as Genting. Maxim88 is an online casino that takes advantage of a plethora of retention techniques and customer loyalty programmes to reward their members for playing with them and supporting them in their venture. Some of the most prominent promotions featured at Maxim88 include:

No-Deposit Bonus

For new players at Maxim88, no-deposit bonuses are something to look out for. Maxim88 is an online casino that expresses their gratitude for the support of new members via free bonuses. No-deposit bonuses are exactly what their name implies; they are no-deposit bonuses that are available to new players prior to making their first deposit. 

Deposit bonuses

The most prevalent type of Maxim88 bonus available on their promotions page is the deposit bonuses. This bonus incentive is calculated as a percentage of the player’s initial deposit. The more money a player deposits into their Maxim88 wallet, the more credit they will receive. Winnings from deposit bonuses are subject to wagering requirements, which players must meet before cashing out any winnings.

Free Spins Bonuses

From the standpoint of an online casino player, Free Spins are definitely an appealing featur, and it is not something that can be found at physical slot machines. New players can take advantage of free spins offered by Maxim88. As a result, you have a place where you may practise before playing for real money. Meanwhile, the casino at Genting does not provide free games in the traditional sense.

For more information about promotions, bonuses and free spins offered by Maxim88, you can visit their promotions page and learn how to claim bonuses for yourself. Sign up for an account with Maxim88 and say hello to a new world of convenient and accessible gaming experience.

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