Are you thinking of getting into hardware business, or you are just a contractor who needs the best advice before buying a tile cutter? Well, look no further because this here review will point you in the right direction. May seem pointless but I can assure you that as looks vary, that extra decimal may represent extra quality when it comes to getting work done.

Ever wondered why tiles are so perfectly shaped? How come you have never stumbled upon a misshapen eyesore in the middle of your floor? Easy, tile cutting machines. These machines are masterpieces in the world of construction.

That is why you need certain specifications when it comes to acquiring one. Just like when buying a car, you must peek into its features;

The bulk

When acquiring a tile cutter, you want to look at the dimensions of the machine. Is it obnoxiously large? Or is it something you can carry around. Remember that this is key when working it because you want something you can control.

Just like working a drill can be tricky, so can this. Hence it is really important to find the right size when purchasing one.

Ease of use

When cutting a large tile into desired portions, a lot of vibration is expected. This random motion could lead to accidents. That is why it is advisable to go for one with preset safety features.

For instance, some come with lock-on buttons that allow one to control the dimensions of the tile. Some come with great capability gears that can be set to reduce vibration of the machine. And as the cherry on top, you should be capable of seeing what you’re doing. There is no point in having a tile cutter that completely obscures your vision, you will end up messing things up.


This is usually a deal breaker when it comes to deciding the tile cutting machine price in Kenya. Even with the tile cutter coming with an easy to use instruction manual, being the right size and all, the performance is what matters more.

Having a tile cutter that can’t cut accurately, can’t cut a certain width or length or just simply can’t produce enough power to cut without complications is a red flag. All these are things you should look into before buying a tile cutter. Especially when it merely breaks down randomly due to the amount of work it does.


This obviously goes without saying, the price of the tile cutter must meet its quality, as I have mentioned before. Nobody wants to purchase an overpriced bad quality tile cutter even if it looks good. You must be very careful and make sure that the specifications are equivalent to the value it is tagged with.

How do you make sure? Look at its features (the ones that I have mentioned above), only then can you go on with purchase. The tile cutting machine price in Kenya obviously varies, you may find them ranging from as low as Ksh 3000 to as high as Ksh 14000. However, high prices do not guarantee good quality, do good as to remember that.


The tile cutter is a gold mine when it comes to construction work. By putting work first, getting knocked off is not something that really sits well with us. That is why we need guarantees when it comes to the tools we use, like the tile cutter. I shall be your guarantee, the smarter you approach this gold mine, the more proficient you are going to be. For more, check

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