How to store cutlery properly

The kitchen is a kind of study of an experienced hostess. It should not only be clean and fresh here – it is important to think over every little thing in the interior from the point of view of practicality (by Royal Craft Wood). Especially when it comes to small items. 

For example, about cutlery. When the place of their storage is thought out correctly, the life of all households becomes easier, and putting things in order will take less time.

Aluminum spoons, forks and knives do not require special storage conditions. After each use, it is enough to wash them, wipe dry and put them in a plastic tray.

Aluminum products should not be left in food for a long time. In small quantities, this metal does not harm human health. However, aluminum is covered with an oxide film, which dissolves upon prolonged contact with food, as a result of which the dish may acquire a characteristic metallic taste.

Cupronickel cutlery are rightfully considered more “capricious”. Cutlery made from this noble alloy is especially appreciated by thrifty housewives, but can quickly lose their presentable appearance if the operating and storage conditions are not observed.

To prevent this from happening, it is important to observe the following rules:

  • Store cupronickel products separately from the rest of the others.
  • It is recommended that each cutlery be wiped dry, wrapped in a paper towel, and then in cling film or foil. This is necessary to protect cupronickel from the negative effects of oxygen and moisture. Spoons, forks and knives packed in this way will not tarnish, even if stored for a long time.
  • Dishes made of this alloy cannot be put in a box without drying. From such negligence, stains will appear on the devices, they will lose their luster.

Table silver is considered a luxury item, and therefore it should be stored in a royal way. So, after each use, the devices should be washed by hand, wiped dry and packed in paper (each item separately).

Then they need to be carefully folded into a specially designed box. It is not necessary to pull the devices packed in paper with twine, rubber bands. From this, ugly marks may appear on them.

It is also not recommended to lay out silver items on the glass shelves of the sideboard. Silverware may turn black when exposed to direct sunlight.

Ideas for convenient storage

We use cutlery every day. They should always be at hand, but not create a mess in the kitchen. This can be done using different storage systems:

  1. Drawers. They are installed in a regular cabinet. Silverware drawer organizers (look at the website) could be folded into compartments of the tray designed for this purpose.
  2. Separate containers. They are put on the table. It can be either one large container with compartments, or several small ones. The good thing is that the devices can be stored with the handles up, as expected.
  3. Using a work apron. Ideal for a small kitchen where every centimeter counts. Storage containers are hung on the railing with hooks.


When using plastic containers and trays, it is necessary to monitor their integrity. Containers with scratches and cracks should be replaced with new ones in time.

You can approach the issue more creatively. For example, make containers yourself. So, storage systems made of plastic cans wrapped in cloth look original. Straw, wooden or metal containers will decorate the kitchen.

It is not difficult to organize competent storage of cutlery. It is only important to take into account the features of the material, the dimensions of the kitchen and your own preferences. And if you add a little imagination and patience to this, then the result will exceed the wildest expectations.

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