How to play with Free Spin Bonus on Moon Princess slot

Moon Princess – Reviews, Demo Mode, and Earnings

This slot includes bonus features that add wilds and increase your chances of winning. There’s also a free spins bonus and generous multipliers in this exciting mobile-optimized game.

Themes and graphics

Everything in this slot is reminiscent of the “anime” style, from the three flawless princesses to the cheerful soundtrack. The game combines bright and fun to form a fun slot machine that appeals to most players. As usual, in many anime stories, each princess has more than she seems, and each has its own special powers. These girls seem up to the task and will give you many features that will help you win big.

It’s no coincidence that each princess is similar to Sailor Moon, the protagonist of the anime series of the same name. Similar costumes and the same magic, apparently ムーンプリンセス フリースピン took a lot of inspiration from Japanese TV shows. Many gamers will recognize this reference, especially those with a soft spot for manga and anime themes.

How to play

Quick Start Guide:

  1. Load the game and read the slot features on the main screen, then press “Continue”.
  2. Click on the information section and select your betting level, go to the settings and paytable and read the rules of the game.
  3. If you like autoplay, choose your number of spins and parameters to stop.
  4. Set a meeting budget that you are comfortable with and stick to it.
  5. Click Play and enjoy your session responsibly.

Once you can find your betting option, you should first change the bet amount. This is adjustable with a slider that allows you to set a minimum value of 0.20 and a maximum value of 100.00 per rotation. You don’t need to worry about changing the number of pay lines as this is all set automatically within the grid and cannot be changed.

On this options page, you can also set up an autoplay feature, which is perfect for those who like to play fast or just avoid all those finger taps. Autoplay can be set between 20 and 500 spins, which is great for those who want to check out basic gameplay or seasoned pros who just want to see symbols drop.

There is also an option to allow autoplay to stop if a single win exceeds between 1.00 and 100.00, or if your balance drops by the same amount. A setting is recommended to prevent the game from taking all your money, which can easily happen when you’re having a good time.

“Moon Princess” paytable

Players must find three to five of these symbols in a horizontal or vertical position to win a prize associated with that particular symbol. The four lowest paying symbols are the bell, heart, star and rainbow we mentioned earlier. When you get three of them, the stars and rainbow pay out ten coins, four identical symbols for 20, and five identical symbols for 200. Hearts and bells cost slightly more, with three symbols awarding fifteen coins, four awarding 30 coins, and a full set of five awarding 300 coins.

The other paying symbol is the princess herself. Moon, Star, and Storm pay 30 coins for three, 100 for four, and 1000 if all five of the same symbols are found. There is also a wildcard, represented by a full moon with a gold border.

Not only is this the highest paying symbol, with three symbols paying 100 coins, four paying 300 coins, and all five paying 5000, but it also substitutes for all other symbols to create better-winning combinations. Find the Joker on the grid and your chances of winning will increase dramatically.

Features of “Moon Princess”

When you start seeing the symbols change, one of the main features you notice is the movement of the princess to the side. This is part of the “Girl Powers” feature, which allows princesses to use their powers to create winning combos that trigger randomly when there are no wins, so it can happen at any time.

Princesses have their powers: love turns one set of symbols into another, stars allow up to two wilds, and storms destroy both sets of symbols. Once one of the princesses has enchanted her, she makes way for the other, who then takes her place, waiting for the right moment to attack with her powers.

Another interesting feature is the Trinity Princess, which includes a gold meter in the lower-left corner. The meter must be filled, and this can only be done by getting 3, 4, or 5 princess symbols. If you find three princesses, the meter will light up in one of the three sections, two of the four princess symbols will light up, and if you land five princesses on the grid, the meter will fill up.

When the count is full, each princess will use their “girl power” to remove as many symbols as possible. If you only have wild symbols left, they will be removed to clear the grid and give you incredible winning combinations.

On the home screen, you may have spotted a pink and gold icon with white wings. This is the multiplier, and it can turn a relatively small win into a bigger one. The multiplier increases every time one of the winning symbols disappears and causes the other symbols to drop. If luck is in your favor, you can get 5000 times your stake.

Free spins

Everyone loves free spins slots, and Moon Princess has many. All you need to do is clear the symbol grid and you’ll get one of three options.

  • Choose Love to get 4 Free Spins, Reload, and +4 Free Spins
  • Star will give you 5 free spins, reload, and +3 free spins
  • Storm gives you 8 free spins, a reload, and +2 free spins

The fewer free spins you choose, the higher the stakes, and if you fully charge your meter with the potential for another 20 free spins, it pays to choose wisely. There’s also a chance to win an extra 200 coins if you clear the grid during the free spins round, which means this feature-packed slot can pay you handsomely.

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