How to Improve Your Fleet Management

The shipping industry was one of the industries most impacted by COVID. Interruptions and shutdowns caused many businesses to rethink their supply chain. So, transportation businesses have had to adapt to changes in demand quickly.

One way transportation businesses are improving their logistics and better serving customers is with fleet management strategy. Fleet management allows companies to better track vehicles and assets, plan routes, and minimize risk. As a result, it creates more productivity, efficiency, and cost savings. 

So how can your company improve fleet management? Read on to learn about fleet management best practices. 

Utilize Fleet Management Software

Fleet management software provides a simple way to track, store, and analyze fleet information. It is an integrated solution that allows you to monitor routes, reports, gas expenses, and more. 

The data that fleet management software provides can help your business make critical strategic decisions. With key performance indicators tracked in one place, you can identify underperforming areas of your business. Then, you can implement solutions to improve efficiency in those areas. 

Fleet management software also allows access to the latest information at your fingertips. So, in an emergency, your fleet manager can respond quickly. You can also get reminders on schedules to ensure your business is on track. 

Use GPS to Track Your Vehicles and Assets

The vehicles in your fleet and the cargo they carry are the lifeblood of your business, so having them stolen or lost can be a severe blow. One way to reduce the risks is to use GPS trackers.

GPS trackers like those on can be easily installed in vehicles. You can not only see vehicle locations in real-time, but you can also track driver behavior, know when they entered and left an area, and get estimated arrival times. 

GPS tracking can help you identify the best possible route for drivers, saving time and fuel cost. It also helps you provide better service for customers. 

Implement Safe Driving Procedures

Fleet management software and GPS tracking can identify areas that need improvement, but you also have to rely on your drivers to get the job done. If drivers are unsafe on the road, it can lead to increased fuel and maintenance costs. 

Having policies in place about safe driving can help prevent unsafe behaviors. But, you should still track your drivers’ habits to see if they are speeding or hard braking. Then talk to those drivers about driving safer.   

Having the right drivers and getting buy-in is essential. Communicate with your drivers to let them know what is expected and ensure they have the proper training. These two things can go a long way in helping your business operate more efficiently. 

Take Your Fleet Management to the Next Level

Fleet management requires a lot of attention to detail and for an entire business to work together to run efficiently. Using these fleet management practices allows your business to gather data and make improvements. These improvements can help your business better serve customers and save on costs. 

Are you looking for more ways to make your business more efficient? Check out more articles in the business section of our website. 

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