How To Improve The Industry Research Report?

One of the worst nightmares of a market researcher is hearing the words, “this does not address the business needs.” To avoid this, researchers concentrate on methodologies to be able to analyze the markets and industries thoroughly.

Given below are ways one can improve their industry reports.

1. Always Explore

Before writing the report, they need to delve as deep into the subject as they conceivably can. It’s not a commodity that one should probe and write as they go on. Make sure to look into the request that is being made and find out specific information.

It will make the report precious and instigative. This is also the step to calculate the cost of performing the exploration. The exploration can be collected from tools, platforms, or internal data.

2. Understand the Objective

Has the customer given a specific reason/ideal for the research information? If yes, then every single aspect of this report should point towards reaching those goals.

There should be a clear understanding that addresses the fundamental purpose of the analysis and investigation. There should be a clear framework of steps that can be taken to achieve the most desirable solution. The objective should be associated with the problem statement that gives way to achieving the research goal.

3. Produce a Table of Contents

Once the objective is figured out, you can start to prepare the table of contents. It is a structured framework designed to illustrate the reports’ sections and subsections along with their respective page numbers. It helps to exclude the chance of repeating or missing a vital piece of information out.

A marketeer looking for specific information must be able to find a section from the table easily. The table must include the following:

  • Title
  • Preface
  • Methodology and background
  • Administrative summary
  • Conclusion
  • Excursus

Add other sections wherever necessary. This figure should guide the entire industry report, and every single unit is unique to the information.

4. Speak Their Language

Here it is not specifically about their original language – although that’s also a big must-have, here is about marketer’s language. Please give them the information that they want to hear. Else, they won’t find the report helpful. Jargon like “pricing,” “attractive prospects,” etc., all spark interest in marketers.

5. Sharpen The Storytelling Skills

Narrating is pivotal when it comes to a request report. A good description also tells a good story. Every single runner in the report should contribute to some form of a story. Storytelling is something that numerous marketers are leading into.

Consumers respond better to brands that make advertisements feel like a story. In the same way, one should produce industry reports that work in the same way. Produce a direct and suggestive narrative.

6. Split it Up

The report will presumably contain expansive exploration. When presenting all this in a single file, it might become difficult for follow-up. Instead, use captions and pellet points to make everything a little easier to analyze.

7. Fit in Creativity

The report won’t read well if the person is not creative with it. Writing is only one aspect of request exploration reports – making it engaging and interesting is also crucial.

Additionally, you can also refer to BIS’ industry reports for a clearer understanding of your industry and the kind of reports that perform well in your niche.


Once finished with the report, ask higher personnel to read it. From then, see if something is missing, if there are any miscalculations, and if it’s easy to follow. One can edit the report as many times as they want – the first draft will not be the final product.

Keep going and keep changing ways to make it more terse and straightforward if there is a need to take out points and add them to the Excursus.

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